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Lectures & Events



Thurs Oct 15th, 2020 – M-Power Meditation & Message Night – 8:00pm to 9:15pm ET – $20 CDN via Zoom

Sat Oct 31st, 2020 – Blue Moon Healing Event – 9:30pm to 10:45pm ET – $44 CDN via Zoom

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 M-Power Meditation & Message Nights

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

8:00pm to 9:15pm ET

Zoom Online

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Join Evolution Expert & Professional Spiritual Teacher, Jennifer Jane Clark as we tap into the powerful spring frequencies of new growth and new beginnings. Join us as we connect to Gaia / Mother Earth to help us grow up and out our true life’s purpose.

The evening will start off with a non-denominational guided meditation to help you ground, balance and align your chakras and m-power your energy bodies and boost your immune system. This experience will deepen your own connection to your own inner wisdom, your own Inner Presence, and your spiritual team of guides and angels.

Jennifer will then offer 3 “group” readings to the participants with oracle cards & her connection to Source.

We will be connecting via Zoom online conference.

Benefits include but not limited to:

Increased Energy/Vitality, Peace, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Chakra balancing, Emotional balance, Grounding, Direction, Clarity, Focus, Inspiration, Community

This is a non-denominational experience open to the public. No experience is necessary.


Sat Oct 31st, 2020

9:30pm ET to 10:45pm ET
$44.00 CDN via PayPal
Via Zoom online 

When we have more than one Full Moon in a lunar cycle (a month), we call this a “Blue Moon”. These are extremely rare and auspicious. A Blue Moon is also a Full Moon, and will therefore have the same energy as a Full Moon would have in whatever sign it happens to be in, but at a much stronger vibration.

Blue Moon’s hold the knowledge of the Crone and, therefore, all the wisdom of the Triple Goddesses combined. It is also said that the Blue Moon brings a time of heightened communication and connection with the Divine and the spirit world.

Blue Moons are when the veil between our world and the Spirit World is thin. This Blue Moon also fall on All Hallow’s Eve bringing in even more psychic communication and messages from Spirit.

Join Evolution & Energy Expert as she offers you a group activation that will increase your psychic skills, expand your intuition and deepen your connection to your Higher Self and Inner Wisdom. We will invite our Ancestors and Deceased Loved Ones to participate to give us messages of love and hope.

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soul sisters purple flower

The world will be saved by a western woman”…The Dali Lama

Ottawa’s Soul Sista’s Networking Group 

Real Women For Real Change

A networking group with a purpose

Whether you wear Prada or Payless,

we are all just walking each other home.

Jennifer Clark of Jennifer Clark & Associates created this group in 2006 in order to offer an alternate social and professional networking group for women who wanted to create authentic connections and opportunities to be of service and share their Light with the world. Because, at the end of the day, It truly doesn’t matter if you wear Prada or Payless, we’re all just walking each other home.

Join Ottawa’s authentic networking group that connects like-minded passionate, purposeful and powerful women together to join Forces, share re-Sources, create enlightened alliances and make real change happen. It’s free and on Facebook.

Ready to transform your life?

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© Jennifer Clark 2020

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