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Sat, Sept 16th, 9:00am to 5:00pm, Healing Through Grief: Transform Tragedy Into Triumph, $111.87 – SOLD OUT


Thursday, Sept 21st, 7:00pm to 9:00pm,  M-Power Meditation & Message Night, 1274 Carling Ave, $20.oo


Sat Sept 30th to Sun Oct 1st 9:30am to 5:00pm, Angelic Ascension Level 1, Prince of Wales Manor, $339.00


****SOLD OUT*****


Transform Tragedy Into Triumph

Saturday, September 16th

9:00am to 5:00pm

Ottawa RA Centre

Outaouais Room

2451 Riverside Drive

$99.00 plus HST 


4 Keynote speakers
2 Transformational Healing Experiences
 2 Sacred Ceremonies
Messages From Spirit
Gluten free lunch included
Morning tea/coffee break


You are not alone!

Life can be challenging and emotional at the best of times. Even the best of us need help once in a while. Transition and tragedy can be hard to navigate alone. Negative emotions like grief and anger can make you feel stuck.  You are not your grief. As a Transformation Coach for the past 20 years, what I do best is to help people awaken through change and grow through adversity.
After the death of my younger sister in January 2017, I became intimately aware of the process of grieving, healing and living through adversity. I’ve come to realize that we all face loss at some point in our lives. Death, divorce, dis-ease, disaster are all challenges Life throws at us. It is part of the human story. How we respond to these curve balls is how we truly prove our spiritual mastery and gain insight and valuable growth from the challenge.
One of my biggest learnings I’ve received through this healing through grief journey has been unless you have lived through these kind of changes, you really don’t know how it feels. For a while, I felt very alone….until I started connecting with the right kind of people and started to create the right kind of tribe.
I am excited to gather together some of the best coaches and healing facilitators to help you build resilience, finding meaning & purpose through adversity, awaken through change, heal through grief and meet people who really understand how it feels to be you. You are not alone.
This day of powerful transformation will be a blend of concrete tips on taking back your financial power, how to move forward through grief, how to navigate relationship endings, and how to protect your loved ones with proper estate planning.
Added to this mix will be powerful sacred ceremony and transformational healing experiences to help you shift heavy emotions, gain clarity and inner peace, come to a place of acceptance and forgiveness and above all honor the tragedy to set it free.
For the price of a 1 hour session, you get a whole day of change and transformation!
Your life is calling you. Will you answer?
Transform Tragedy Into Triumph on Sat, Sept 16th!
Benefits include but not limited to:
· Build resilience & life coping skills
· Awaken through change
· Get back to life and what makes you happy
· Shift negative emotions like grief, anger and betrayal
· Make sense of the tragedy
· Experience and participate in sacred ceremony to honor the challenge
· Meet like-minded people who truly understand & empathize with you
We are extremely pleased to announce the following event sponsors:
Laurie Cole from Cole Funeral Services
Anne Perrault from Perrault & Associates Bankruptcy Trustees
Pierrette Raymond from Moving Forward Matters
Diane Valiquette from The Separation & Divorce Resource Centre
Tara Shannon Renaud from The Music Medium.com
Rebecca Happy from The Happy Marketing Group


 M-Power Meditation & Message Nights

THURSDAY, September 21st, 2017

Best Western Plus Ottawa City Centre

1274 Carling Avenue at Merivale

Across from Westgate Mall

Free parking

7:00pm to 9:00pm

Cost $20.00 at the door

Join Professional Spiritual Teacher & Personal Leadership Coach, Jennifer Clark as she shares with you some of her YOUnique “Jen’s Zen”to m-power you personally, professionally and spiritually. The evening will start off with a non-denominational guided meditation to help you ground, balance and align your chakras and m-power your energy bodies. This experience will deepen your own connection to your own inner wisdom, your own Inner Presence, and your spiritual team of guides and angels. Jennifer Clark will then answer questions from the audience and later offer selected participants intuitive messages and guidance from Spirit and their Higher Selves.

Please arrive early to get a seat.

NOTE: Due to size of group, not everyone will be given a message but the value is participating in the guided healing meditation.

Open to the public. No prior experience necessary just an open mind, open heart and desire to reach higher, shift, change, elevate and leave m-powered.

Benefits include but not limited to:

Increased Energy/Vitality, Peace, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Chakra balancing, Emotional balance, Grounding, Direction, Clarity, Focus, Inspiration, Community


Thurs Oct 19th
Thurs Nov 16th
Thurs Dec14th



soul sisters purple flower

The world will be saved by a western woman”…The Dali Lama

Ottawa’s Soul Sista’s Networking Group 

Real Women For Real Change

A networking group with a purpose

Whether you wear Prada or Payless,

we are all just walking each other home.

Jennifer Clark of Jennifer Clark & Associates created this group in 2006 in order to offer an alternate social and professional networking group for women who wanted to create authentic connections and opportunities to be of service and share their Light with the world. Because, at the end of the day, It truly doesn’t matter if you wear Prada or Payless, we’re all just walking each other home.

Join Ottawa’s authentic networking group that connects like-minded passionate, purposeful and powerful women together to join Forces, share re-Sources, create enlightened alliances and make real change happen. It’s free and on Facebook.



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