The Cost Of Your Wounds


The Cost of Your Wounds

Have you met anyone who doesn’t want to heal? Have you met someone who accepts suffering as a fact of life? They are a victim of their woundology. Woundology is a term first coined by author Carolyn Myss, an internationally recognized medical intuitive in her book “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”. Myss defines woundology as the tendency of people to use the wounds of their past to draw power from their present world. Woundology describes how people can use physical and emotional trauma from their past to get what they want or as an excuse not to move forward in their lives. Myss believes that there are 5 central myths about healing that can make healing impossible. Here are Myss’s 5 myths about healing:

• My Life Is Defined By My Wound
• Being Healthy Means Being Alone
• Feeling Pain Means Being Destroyed by Pain
• My Illness Is The Result of Negativity
• True Change Is Impossible

Myss goes into great detail about these myths in her book “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”. I encourage you to read it. Myss contends that every person believes in at least one of these myths and that healing them is possible. Life itself is a journey through these myths and at various times we have to confront fears during times of crisis and change. A healing crisis demands you turn inward and become conscious of your-Self. When faced with a crisis or challenge, ask your-Self “what is this situation trying to teach me?”

If you suffer from woundology, you really don’t have free will. Your wounds will make you walk down rocky roads that are not healed and follow solutions that are not the best choice. As an advanced student of shamanism, I facilitate healing journeys for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. These healing journeys help heal Myss’ 5 central myths and heal wounded contracts or negative beliefs that we hold unconsciously. When we heal these central myths that live within us, we become free.

How do we become sick? Each one of us is plugged in to hundreds of energy circuits that penetrate us and enter us through our body’s meridian lines and energy chakras. This energy has been called different things by different cultures. Indians refer to this energy as “prana”, the Chinese refer to it as “chi” and Christians refer to it as “grace” or “the holy spirit”. You can think of this energy flowing into us from the universe, from God, from the Tao but as it flows into us it gives us the fuel we need to feed our physical bodies, our minds, and our emotions. This energy flows through our energy chakras to our body and then along the meridian lines to travel to our organs. When you are not nurtured, heard, understood, supported, or protected, this life force can become diminished. Our chakras can become distorted or shut down causing this essential life force to become weak within us. You don’t have to be a medical intuitive like Myss to see when someone is sick. You can usually see a grey energy around them especially if they have a physical dis-ease.

The human body is a divinely created machine that is not meant to become sick. When it does, it is a signal that something is off in our mind/body/emotion/spirit energy balance. Whether it is our diet, our habits, our thoughts, our work, our relationships or the world around us, the body shuts down when something is not working in our life. The body is doing exactly what it should – giving us signals that balance needs to be restored in some area of our lives. Whether it is a simple as drinking more water, eating better, or getting more rest and exercise, most people are trained to take over the counter medication to resolve the symptom. Symptoms can easily be managed by modern medicine but the core problem remains unresolved in the body. Next time you’re feeling unwell, drink more water and take an Epsom salt bath. Sit quietly with your hand on your heart and ask your body “I am listening. What do you need?” and intuitively pay attention to thoughts or feelings. Your body will tell you what it needs. This just might do the trick. Regular meditation and energy work like reiki or IET, or other forms of hands on healing are also very useful to keep you balanced and grounded. I regularly get accupuncture to help keep my meridian lines open and flowing and several times a year have a colonic. Most of our dis-eases actually start in our colon. Unfortunately, North Americans seem to have an aversion to colonics. However, colonics are much more popular in Europe where it is a common healing practice. Because of our woundology we can put ourselves in situations that are unhealthy for us. Perhaps it is a job that is challenging or a toxic relationship that sucks the life force out of us. Our wounds give us the impression we have no other choice but to suffer through it. These situations require harder and more difficult changes to self-correct but normally necessary ones for optimum health and well-being. Regular headaches, indigestion, and depression are some common signs that your outside world is out of balance in some way. Your body will be a great tool to show you something isn’t working in your life and, if you listen, will tell you what it needs. Your body is talking. Are you listening?

Suggested Reading:

  • Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can by Carolyn Myss
  • The Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss
  • Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

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