1 Hour Spirit Readings

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  • Messages From Spirit
  • Divine Direction
  • Life Purpose
  • Spiritual Development
  • Introduction to the 7th Golden Age
  • Exopolitics & Galactic Community

          ‘Come to the cliff’, he said.
           They said, ‘We are afraid.’
         ‘Come to the cliff’, he said.
          They came.  He pushed them.
      And they flew.

       -Guillaume Appolinaire


Jennifer Clark was Ottawa’s first Angel Intuitive Practitioner and Professional Spiritual Teacher certified by Doreen Virtue, Ontario’s first Angelspeake Facilitator and consistently rated on of the Top Canadian IET (Healing With The Angels) Master-Instructors in the world. 

 She is an active student and teacher of the Sacred Fire (also called angel fire, reiki fire  and Great Fire by the aboriginals) of the “I AM” mysteries that Guy Ballard first wrote about in the 1930’s assisting others to awaken to their own soul’s potential and purpose with the help of their guides and angels.

Jennifer Clark has unique psychic gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience. By clairvoyantly connecting to beings of light that Jennifer believes are spirit helpers: your guardian angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, your own soul/”I AM” Presence, Jennifer offers you messages of hope, divine direction, clarity and angelic advice.

divine guidance

Typical topics for sessions include but not limited to: career, family, health, relationships, life purpose, creativity, innovation and money.   They are very similar to Jennifer’s personal consultations except with a stronger focus on the psychic/spiritual realm.

spiritual assistance

Jennifer Clark tailors each session depending upon your specific needs and individual belief systems and perspectives. Whatever environment you come from or whatever beliefs you have, Jennifer Clark believes everyone has spirit helpers guiding and directing them.

The sessions are strictly confidential and are one hour long in length. Since 2001, Jennifer Clark has consulted with over 8000 clients from diverse backgrounds. She has worked with an NHL hockey player, a rocket scientist, a psychic spy, a fashion designer, a judge, a popular tv news anchor and a famous actor. Her clients are different ages and stages of life – academics, authors, athletes, artists, police force, medical doctors, lawyers and engineers, business owners, entrepreneurs, business executives, children and young adults. Jennifer´s expertise lies in problem solving, navigating transitions, life mapping and spiritual development. Her experience doing over 8000 personal consultations has shown her that she can effectively propel you onto the road of success in just one hour. Jennifer´s work is valuable to anyone with an open mind and an interest in learning more about themselves and the world around them.

Sessions are 1 hour long and can be done in person, over the telephone or via Zoom.

**NOTE** As an Angel Intuitive & Intuitive Strategist,  Jennifer cannot guarantee evidence-based facts or information being given to you.  Information is presented to her energetically and this feedback is in turn shared with you and only you can determine its value. The majority of people have enjoyed and benefited from Spirit readings.

If you are ONLY looking to connect to a deceased loved one, please consult a Psychic Medium.

If you are unclear whether a Soul Spirit Reading would be right for you, please email Jennifer to ensure she is a fit for your needs.

Also, these sessions are considered entertainment only and are NOT intended to replace medical, psychological, financial or legal advice. 


Sessions are 1 hour.

Payment is $160.00 CDN plus 13% HST = $180.80 CDN interac e-transfer, PayPal or credit card using Jennifer´s PayPal link.

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