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  • Life Purpose
  • Life Direction
  • Soulful Solutions
  • Intuitive Problem Solving
  • Business Development
  • Career Navigation
  • Family
  • Health
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spiritual Development & Growth

Friend, take my hand.

Let me help you get up. The Others are awaiting.

Arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder,

we will face what is coming together.

Jane Clark, 2013

Life as we know it can be challenging at the best of times. No matter what role you play in your world, whether you are a Mom or a Magnate, there are times that the best of us need extra help and support.   In just one hour, Jennifer Clark can help put your life in perspective and give you the tools to become balanced and re-aligned.

tailored success strategies

As a certified Canadian Risk Manager having worked in the business community for over 15 years, Jennifer Clark is able to build the bridge between the esoteric and the concrete between intuition and analysis. As an Assertiveness Coach and NLP Practitioner, she will offer you effective and unique success strategies. As a Purpose & Passion Activator, she can help you uncover your passions and life purpose.  With her help, you will leave your first session with a road map of  action plans on how to create your goals and desired objectives. Each session is different for everyone but all are an in depth looks at one’s natural gifts, talents and abilities to live with purpose and serve your-Self and others.

tools for change

As a “Master Builder” herself, an Agent of Change, Creative Catalyst, Transformational Leader and an accomplished Turn Around Specialist, Jennifer Clark assists you in creating whatever it is you choose to build or create.  You will leave with tools for change on how to shift limited thinking, solve problems, create your dreams and live full and abundant life in just one hour!

navigating turning points

Typical topics for sessions include but not limited to: life purpose, life direction, life mapping, career navigation, navigating turning points, relationship coaching, relationship re-building, problem solving, uncovering business opportunities, business development, strategic interventions, marketing and branding, personal growth, personal healing, shifting limiting beliefs and resolving negative patterns.

passion and purpose

Jennifer Clark tailors each session depending upon your specific needs and individual belief systems and perspectives. Whatever environment you come from or whatever beliefs you have, Jennifer Clark believes everyone can live with passion and purpose!

The sessions are strictly confidential and are one hour long in length. Since 2001, Jennifer Clark has consulted with over 8000 clients from diverse backgrounds. She has worked with an NHL hockey player, a rocket scientist, a psychic spy, a fashion designer, a judge, a popular tv news anchor and a famous actor. Her clients are different ages and stages of life – academics, authors, athletes, artists, police force, medical doctors, lawyers and engineers, business owners, entrepreneurs, business executives, children and young adults. Jennifer´s expertise lies in problem solving, navigating transitions and life mapping. Her experience doing over 8000 personal consultations has shown her that unlike a traditional life coach or clinical therapist she can effectively propel you onto the road of success in just one hour. Jennifer´s work is valuable to anyone with an open mind and an interest in learning more about themselves and the world around them.

Sessions are 1 hour and can be done in person, over the telephone or via Skype.


Your investment is $160.00 CDN plus 13% HST = $180.80 CDN.

Sessions are 1 hour.

Payment is cash, cheque, interac on line money transfer, PayPal or credit card using Jennifer´s PayPal link.


Skype and telephone sessions are available. They work just as well as an in person consultation. Over 30% of Jennifer’s current client base live outside of Canada and receive effective results from long distance sessions. Payment can be cheque, interac on line money transfer, PayPal or credit card payment via Jennifer’s on line payment system.

Payment is required in advance for all long distance consultations.


If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

These sessions are NOT intended to replace medical or psychological treatment or professional legal or financial advice. Jennifer Clark is NOT a licensed therapist or medical, financial or legal professional.



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