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Powering Up At Cardinal Power

    Busy day today! Off to Cardinal Power in Cardinal, Ontario today to Power Up some interested folks about wellness in the workplace. My work as a Psych Health & Safety Advisor has allowed me to open doors of new thought and behaviour to people at work. One little…

Angel Power!

  Feeling so satisfied and energized after day 1 of level 2 of my Angelic Ascension Program For The Evolving Human with a dedicated group of students. We've been energetically working on the world angel grid and adding our light to clear up human distortions like anger, fear and injustice. Feeling so…

Grief, Gratitude & Thanks Giving

So this will be the "first" thanksgiving without my sister. A bittersweet mix of gratitude and grief. Like waves of an ocean of never ending power, the highs and lows of life without her are wrapped into one giant experience for me these past few months. Wishing you all peace…