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Go Hug A Tree

Thanks to my gal pal Andrea for sending me this yesterday. A perfect way to start a long weekend of lockdown approaching the start of a long Mercury retrograde! "How can it get any better than this??" Imagine a huge Californian Redwood tree or BC's Cheewat Giant in your sacral chakra and…

Getting A Grip On Things

So I was fortunate enough to have a check IN yesterday with one of my "coaches" Dr. Marguerite Rigogliso PhD founder of the Seven Sisters Mystery School. I have been working a lot with the Goddess Aphrodite Urania (cosmic Aphrodite) since 2017 around the time my sister died. Death takes…

October M-Power Meditation & Message Night

Thursday, October 15th, 2020 8:00pm to 9:15pm ET $20 CDN via Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_JB3oSl_DS1amePYXsLvlzg Join Evolution Expert & Professional Spiritual Teacher, Jennifer Jane Clark as we tap into the powerful new moon frequencies of new growth and new beginnings. Join us as we connect to Gaia / Mother Earth to help…

Be Grateful.

To say this has been an IN-tense week is an understatement. I've been pushed in every aspect of my life - as citizen, woman, daughter, sister, aunt, mother, advocate and entrepreneur. There is only so much one person can take. I appreciate the posts of my friends and colleagues Pamela Oliver Pete…

Your Days Are Numbered😉

According to numerology, we are in a "4" year. 2020 is all about mindfully living your values through every aspect of your life. It takes dedication, commitment, responsibility, and enacting of a life’s plan that engages you in the manifestation of your goals. It takes excavation to create a new…

Go Smudge YourSelf

Time to clear the air! Energy has been a little intense of late as we get closer and closer to the December Solstice marking a quantum leap into 5D. As our societies, beliefs, and bodies shift, we also need to clear up the air around us. Burning incense and smudging…