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The Rise of the Dragon Warriors

JOIN THE CHRISTOS ALIGNMENT MISSION! The Rise of the Dragon WarriorsSun, Aug 22nd, 202110:00am to 4:00pmMooney's Bay Beach ParkOttawa, Ontario$200 CDNvia etransfer or PayPal Join Evolution & Energy Expert Jennifer Clark as she hosts an interactive day of communion, connection and transformation with the dragon tribes and angelic realms of…

Lion’s Gate New Moon

Lion's Gate New Moon MeditationSun, Aug 8, 20217:30pm to 8:45pm ET$22.22 CDN via Zoom / PayPalhttps://bit.ly/3ll7zCR You do not need a PayPal account to register. Simply click "Check Out As Guest" and use your debit or credit card. New Moon In August Join Evolution & Energy Expert Jennifer Clark as…

New Moon Magick!

Photo Credit: Vernon Cerzon / Unsplash A New Moon in Cancer arrives on July 9, 2021. ... The actions you take in the days following July 9 will be very important and relate back to the full moon in December 2021. The Cancer new moon on Friday, July 9, 2021, makes a positive link to Uranus. So…

Full Moon Meditation

Soul Explorers! Happy Full Moon in Capricorn! This is the last supermoon of the year - thankfully lol. Called the Strawberry Moon, this moon is all about setting your bar higher, no longer settling for the mundane and examining how your past is limiting your choices and impacting your decisions…

The $1000 Cucumber

Soul Explorers! Meet The $1000 Cucumber And, before you ask, no, it’s not wrapped in gold foil and, no, it’s not perfectly shaped or engineered. No, it does not have any special powers of immortality or eternal youth. After weeks of seeding, transplanting, back breaking manual work and over $100…

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Soul Explorers! Happy Lunar Eclipse Supermoon Blood Moon Flower Full Moon! Yep, it's got a lot of names because it's packing a lot of heat!! We're entering into what the Mayan's called The Sixth Cycle of The Sun. Powerful releases, awakenings and ah ha moments are on tap for individuals…