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Stay Golden Pony Boy, Stay Golden

Photographer Gary Hershorn captured these amazing pics over the statue of liberty on the pink full moon. The statue of Liberty represents the Goddess of Libertas or Liberty. “The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World" was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States and…

Full Moon Clearing

Soul Explorers! Happy Pink Full Moon hive! This full moon is in Libra helping us bring beauty, harmony, and balance back into our relationships and our lives. This is a GREAT day to clean up your metaphysical house and get ready for the cosmic "resurrection" energies of this weekend. Cleaning…

Pretty In Pink – Pink Full Moon On Tap

Soul Explorers! Man, the inergies have been INtense this week so far! Just a friendly heads up that this week will be a high-intensity week. We had the intense Jupiter/Neptune conjunction yesterday then have the full moon on Friday and the Christos Resurrection energies on Sunday. The next few days…

The Whole Package

#TGIF Don't be eye candy they say. Be soul food. Ok. But hey, I'm a multi-faceted being ya know? Can't I be eye candy, soul food, and a warrior Queen all at once? lol #thewholepackage So hive the inergies are fired up with the solar storms descending from the heavens…

Mermaid Magic

Working with the Ancient Atlantean energies in my 8 week Awakening Atlantis With Jennifer Clark program has re-ignited my love of the water.  under the water I am weightless I gracefully embrace the siren of my soul *** As the inergies of April contINue to flow in and out, out…