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Awakening Your Inner Aphrodite

Awakening Your Inner Aphrodite With Jennifer ClarkA 6-Week Exploration Of Your Inner Goddess Self 6 Weeks To Awaken Your Inner Aphrodite! The Divine Feminine has had to endure many trials and deaths of the False Self and absorb society’s projected Persona of who She IS. Eventually, when the Time Is…

🌷Happy Spring Equinox!🌷

https://www.facebook.com/events/219015970705230 Many Sensitives reporting IN some funky INergy experiences. This week is going to be one of the most weird and wonderful weeks of the year so buckle UP. Yesterday's Equinox is bringing IN new frequencies of connection, and communication. 🗠🗠🗠 These new energy downloads are happening at different frequencies…

🤢March Madness🤢

There is no coincidence why they call this month March Madness - and its not because of basketball lol. From The AstroTwins: This month might be one of the most pivotal of 2023—and the headlines are already showing it. (Silicon Valley Bank crash anyone? ) From a cosmic perspective, we…


Join Evolution & Energy Expert Jennifer Clark as she leads you through one of her signature sacred ceremonies to tap into the power of the March Equinox to help you spring forward! As a Lightwarrior, her work uses angel therapy, and ancient wisdom teachings from around the world to activate,…

🛠️Energy Tune Up🛠️

Jennifer Clark offers 1 monthly online transformational guided energy experience to support people on the path of evolution, healing and personal growth. These are 1.5 hour affordable ways of receiving powerful transmissions of light and energy clearing helping you to stabilize during turbulence and change. Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 7:00pm…