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Healing In The Yurt

So excited to be offering healing at the yurt! I am co-hosting another powerful Peruvian Munay Ki medicine Rites ceremony today with a group of fab fems wanting to BE the change!! Igniting the fire one Light at a time. The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period…

May The Force Be With You!

May The Force Be With You! I realize May 4th has come and gone but this month is truly a month of using the Force! This has been one of THE most intense months for energy downloads, solar flares, wind storms and all kinds of geo-magnetic disturbances. People have been…

Sacred Contract Renewal

Soul Explorers! Anyone else really noticing the body pain this eclipse season? No sleep, joint pain, dizziness, out of the blue pain, amped up….even CBD oil doesn’t help as much as it used to. I couldnt sleep so made banana bread at midnight. What’s your go to remedy or practice?…

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness

Soul Explorers! The Astro Forecast shows us that April is ushering IN IN-tense dramatic transformation, especially with the astrological connection to Uranus the planet of revolution & rebellion AND Pluto entering INto Aquarius. The Pluto/Aquarius event alone is the most anticipated astro ingress' of the entire decade! It represents community,…

Is Your Heart Sacred Or Scarred?

An Inner View With Juile Desmarais Is Your Heart Sacred Or Is It Scarred? Julie is one of Ottawa's most beloved Reiki Master-Instructors and holographic energy workers. Visit www.juliedesmarais.ca She is one of our four amazing guest speakers on Sat Apr 29th at Sacred Spirit Presents: Sacred & Sovereign. Visit…

Sacred & Sovereign Signature Event

40% Sold Out! Sacred & Sovereign: A Day Of Soul Connections Saturday, April 29th, 202310:00am to 5:00pmRA Centre, Clark Hall2451 Riverside DriveOttawa, ON$88.00 in advance Register Here 🌟4 Inspirational Transformational Energy Experiences🌟6 Healers offering you live mini healing sessions🌟2 Psychic Mediums🌟2 Crystal Vendors🌟Networking with like-minded people🌟Door prizes🌟Giveaways Seek And Ye…