Money – My Own Natural Energy Yield

MONEY – My Own Natural Energy Yield

Everything in our universe is made from energy; our thoughts, our words, our names, our physical bodies, our emotions, the things we create and yes, even money.

Let’s look closer at the thing we call money. Johnathan Randolph Price called money My Own Natural Energy Yield. If everything in the universe is made from energy, then so is money. Money wears many faces to many people. Some of us see it as security, while others see it as power. Unfortunately most of us have been conditioned to see money as some sort of problem we have to worry about. This pervasive fear of money is what we call poverty consciousness. 80% of people are worried about simple survival, food, shelter and therefore in poverty consciousness. If someone is in poverty consciousness they cannot create, manifest, of connect to their own divinity or the divinity of others. The opposite of poverty consciousness is prosperity consciousness. Ask yourself if you today have enough money, wealth, opportunity to satisfy your needs and goals? Or do you constantly worry about money? Are you counting every penny in your bank account? Do you live paycheck to paycheck? If you do, then on some level you’re in poverty consciousness and therefore cannot create at your optimum level.

How you feel about your-Self is a good indicator how you feel about money. On some level, each of us has been conditioned by our parents and our cultures how we see ourselves and the world around us. Part of this picture is how we feel about money. Think back to your childhood. What was your conditioning about money like? Did you parents teach you that money was hard to come by or that you had to work hard for your money? Did you parents worry about money and therefore see it as a problem? Did your religions teach you money is evil? These are all subconscious conditions that have been put upon us and have largely shaped how we feel about money today. As business owners and community leaders, these can hold us back energetically.

Let’s do a little experiment. Take out a piece of paper money from your wallet now. Hold it in your hands and close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Mentally ask yourself, “how do I feel about money?” and wait for the answer. You might get a thought, a word, a feeling, a sensation. Does your stomach tighten, do your palms sweat or do you feel calm and in control? Do you feel icky because the money is dirty, do you feel afraid because of its power, are you worried because you feel there is not enough? Pay attention to these subconscious reactions.

Because money is simply energy, then it is subject to universal laws that govern the universe, specifically the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that when you fix your mind on an image or condition that image or condition is immediately attracted to you. The Buddha said “we are what we think.” Your life therefore is a reflection of your thoughts. Are you positive or are you negative? Do you feel abundant or do you feel poor? Do you feel worthy or unworthy? Do you love yourself or not? These thoughts will directly impact your ability to create money which is one form of divine abundance.

The mind has three main components: the conscious, the subconscious and the supraconscious. While you subconsciously desire to attract money, you may also be subconsciously repelling it. The conscious mind is the one we are aware of that composes our rational thought and reason. The subconscious is hidden beneath the conscious and controls our bodily functions, our breath, our imagination and psychic development. The subconscious is always working and processing information. Since it incapable of reason, it simply accepts whatever image is implanted within it. If you think positive thoughts, you will attract positive conditions. If you fear negative conditions, you will have unwittingly created those conditions by the power of your thought.  The supraconscious or God mind as it is called cannot make your thought real until the conscious and subconscious agree.

We can voluntarily plant positive seeds in our subconscious through meditation, mantras, prayer or affirmations. An affirmation is a statement of fact affirming to the Universe some thought or condition that is already created into physical form. It uses positive language in the present tense and specifically describes a desired outcome.

You don’t say “I want to be rich.” First of all, the word want implies a condition in the future that may or may not develop. Second, the word rich is relative and not specific enough. A better example would be “I am financially abundant”.

Create 3 positive affirmations for yourself about money using present tense language in the now. To effectively use affirmations, use the 1-2-3 model.

Take the 3 affirmations you’ve created that resonate with you.

Step 1 – in the morning, read each of them out loud
Step 2 – in the afternoon, write each them out
Step 3 – in the evening, read each of them out loud

Repeat this cycle for 30 days and then you can switch to 3 new affirmations.

In the next thirty days, pay attention to your thoughts and words. Use only positive images, language and words and see how abundantly your life will change! Make money your friend!

Suggested Reading:

  • The Abundance Book by Johnathan Randolph Price
  • Ask & It is Given by Jerry & Esther Hicks
  • The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier

© Jennifer Clark 2009


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