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Every mother with a new born baby thinks their child is an angel and some of them may not be far from the truth! There are new generations of souls being born onto the Earth today to help with a strong spiritual mission to re-create Heaven on Earth. Many parents have noticed a changed in the children around them. Parenting techniques that were passed down from generation to generation no longer work. Discipline and care giving of these new children are creating new programs, new schools and new ways of supporting and guiding them. Sylvie Brule and Jennifer Clark, two Angel Therapy® Practitioners certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD and Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructors who live and work in Ottawa, Ontario have seen such a change. They believe humanity as a whole needs to be inspired to make this world a better place and these first time authors believe the children are our future. These new generations of magical children on Earth today are being called Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows and they demand a new kind of storytelling. When Brule and Clark collaborated on a concept for a children’s book, they created a sweet adorable angel who helps and teaches these new children on Earth about spirituality, love, hope, faith, respect and goodness. Mimi was born when Ottawa award-winning artist Julie Lefebvre brought this helpful angel to life. The character Mimi the Angel™ was inspired by one such nine year old girl named Emily “Mimi” R. who is a magical Indigo child living in Orleans, Ontario.

Who are these new children Mimi The Angel™ is here to help? Indigo children are generally aged 7 years to 25 years old (some older and some younger) and are souls who have been born to break down old systems like government, education, legal, medical and religious that are no longer functioning with integrity. They are a generation to herald in a new era of integrity in all things. As these spiritual system busters there are born with incredible power to see to the truth and cut through red tape and lies. They sense when they are being manipulated or lied to and will fight against any dishonesty they sense. They are born with a warrior spirit and do not like authority and will challenge rules and order if they do not feel it is fair or just. As such, parents must speak to their Indigo child plainly and honestly and give them an explanation as to why things are happening around them. Parents cannot parent these new children they way previous generations have. Parents need to be honest, communicate with integrity and make agreements not rules for their Indigo child. First noticed by researcher Nancy Tapp, these special souls were given the name Indigo children because of the indigo colour in their auras.

This is the colour of the third eye chakra and energy vortex in our body that governs psychic sight and spiritual vision. As such, most Indigo children are highly sensitive and psychic. Sadly, many of them are being diagnosed by the traditional medical community as having ADHD or ADD. They do not learn linearly and need to be hands on and experiencing things for themselves. Unfortunately, when an Indigo is unnecessarily medicated they lose their warrior energy, sensitivity and spiritual gifts. Sugar free diets, exercise like yoga and mindfulness training like meditation and neuro-linguistic programming are always good alternatives to research.

Some good books to read are Indigo Children by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober and The Care & Feeding of Indigo Children by Dr. Doreen Virtue.

Crystal children are generally aged 3 years to 7 years old (some older and some younger.) The first thing you notice about a Crystal child is their wide angelic eyes that are large and penetrate your soul. They are pure love and are called Crystal children because of their new crystalline auras of pastel hues representing unconditional love. They are highly sensitive and should as feasible eat organically and be outside in fresh air and nature as much as possible. They love crystals of all kinds and all things from the natural world. As the older Indigos quash down old outdated systems, the new Crystal children are here to create, model and live in a world of love and integrity. Blissful and even-tempered they forgive easily and are here to teach their parents about love and forgiveness. As highly evolved souls, these Crystal children often communicate telepathically and do not speak until much later on in life. This can cause parents much worry but if the parent would open their mind and heart they would realize their child is normal and healthy and simply using other skills to communicate with. A good book to read is The Crystal Children by Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD or visit for more information.

The latest generation of gifted souls being born today are the wonder-filled Rainbow children generally aged 0 years to 3 years old. These magic filled children are called Rainbow children because of their rainbow auras. There are 7 major energy centres in the body called chakras representing the divine rays of the rainbow. These children are born with all 7 chakras open and clear and some psychics suggest even no karma to deal with. This is very unique and as such, they are generally regarded as “Christed Beings” in reference to the divinity within all of us to be spiritually gifted, awakened and enlightened. Their energy matches the energy of a unicorn or a dolphin. Pure joy, fun and play and love and reverence for all things for they understand that we are all connected and One. It is highly recommended that they eat organic food and be chemical free to maintain their high vibrations. Yoga is also a useful tool for self-awareness. In the moment there is not much written about the Rainbow generation yet but they are closest in vibration to their Crystal brothers and sisters.

All of these new children are highly sensitive and intuitive souls. They are intimately connected with nature and things spiritual like angels and fairies. As such, authors Brule and Clark intend that Mimi The Angel™ will become a much beloved symbol of inspired action and positive thinking and global peace and harmony for children around the world. Written in a non-denominational way for young readers, Mimi the Angel Gets Her Wings is the first in a series of books that will have Mimi on adventures on Earth working with children in crisis, in hospitals, how they can help the environment and protect Mother Nature, and traveling to different cultures around the world. The goal was to create an angel that children all over the world could identify with because of their own angelic natures.

Both authors feel deeply connected to Mimi and they hope all who meet her will also fall in love with her. They also believe that Mimi will be the voice that will carry around the world messages of hope, love and respect amongst the children of Earth.

After attending T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive in May 2005, the two women decided to self-publish their work and created Mimi Publishing Inc do so. Armed with loans from family members and lines of credit, they fearless took a leap of faith and in only six short months found an illustrator, a printer, and self-published their first book Mimi The Angel Gets Her Wings. One month later they sold 1000 copies! The authors know that the Mimi The Angel series is a divinely guided adventure hope that they help parents and children share the experience of storytelling together as they discover ways to improve themselves as individuals and the world around them. Grandparents really enjoy the Mimi series since it is an opportunity to teach their grandchildren in a safe and loving way about spirituality without religious dogma.

Written by children for children, the authors use pilot groups of children aged 5 years to 13 years old to obtain story line ideas and feedback to involve them as much as possible in the creative process. To further support these magical children with creating Heaven on Earth, the authors have created a website where parents and grandparents can receive free quarterly newsletters and receive helpful hints from spiritual and professional experts in child rearing and a writer’s corner for children to post and publish stories of positive action and hope for the world. They also teach parents and children spiritual workshops on how to be an angel in action and how to safely connect to the angelic realms for assistance, guidance, love and support.

Recently profiled in Capital Style magazine and The Ottawa Citizen, the authors intend that Mimi The Angel™ have 27 books in her series and will be translated into other languages around the world and also be seen an animation film that educates and inspires children of the world to spread their wings and fly!

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