Let’s Talk About Sex

Join George Sabbagh and Jennifer Jane Clark in this women’s only spiritual discussion and mini workshop on sex, sensuality and self-awareness. Our focus will be to support participants in experiencing their True Presence sexually with or without a partner. This intimate event will happen in a private home in Aylmer.

Sex has been a taboo topic for too long and yet it is one of the most sacred acts human beings can experience. We are all born and birthed out of this act of sexual creation yet still so many women are disconnected from their power.

Respectfully and thoughtfully, we will discuss the mind, body and spirit connection relating to sex whether experienced alone or with a partner.

George Sabbagh will be sharing his vast expertise about the body/mind/spirit connection to great sex : food, yoga positions/movement, the power of sacred breath and sensual touch. He will share with us how to become one with a partner energetically before the physical act of sex even takes place💥

George is a well-respected Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Reiki Master and Master of Lithotherapy with over 20 years experience working with men and women helping them tap into their inner power and presence. He is extremely compassionate and sensitive to the needs and desires of women.

Jennifer Clark will guide you through a Power Retrieval transformational healing experience to reclaim lost power from a person or an event. She also will help you unlock the power of your kundalini/yoni, sacred heart and third eye to help you connect to your True Presence during sex🎇

Jennifer is a recognized Energy Mechanic, Spiritual Teacher and Turn Around Specialist with over 20 years experience helping children, teens and adults align and shine from the inside out.

There will be light movement but can be modified for all physical levels🧘‍♀️. Please bring a yoga mat.

Our ideal participant is a woman 19 years old + who is a seeker of self-discovery and serious about tapping into her divine feminine power🌺.

Benefits include:
⚡️Self-awareness, ⚡️Body Balance, ⚡️Chakra Balancing, ⚡️Inner Peace, ⚡️Increased Self-Esteem, ⚡️Increased Desire & Passion For Life, ⚡️Reduced Anxiety

Your investment is $80.00 CDN. Light refreshments will be provided.

Payment method:

1) Interac e-transfers to jenniferjaneclark@gmail.com. 

2) Credit card payments or credit card payments to: https://www.paypal.me/JenniferJClark

Space is limited to 30 participants. Bring yoga mat and pen and paper. Dress comfortably.