Group Facilitation


  • Increasing creativity
  • Promotion of out of the box solutions
  • Personal leadership
  • Team building
  • Non-violent communication
  • Raising of emotional intelligence
  • Resolving conflict & restoring harmony
  • Business development and action planning

Jennifer Clark loves sharing her expertise with groups, teams and organizations.  She is a professional public speaker and workshop facilitator having taught over 150 self-development and professional development workshops.  Each workshop is tailored to meet the unique needs of her clients and their objectives.

She is a Canadian certified Risk Manager and certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor helping her clients assess potential problems in teams and providing easy and inexpensive solutions.  As a Girls Talk Facilitator, Jennifer offers self-esteem workshops for young girls and teens. As a Professional Spiritual Teacher, she offers enlightening workshops for spiritual growth.  As a Creative Catalyst, she will offer unique idea generating techniques to unlock creativity and problem solving.  As a Transitions Expert, she can assist teams and groups to masterfully navigate turning points and transitions.

Typical topics include but are not limited to: increasing creativity, shifting blocks to creativity and idea generation, restoring employee morale and team harmony, resolving conflicts, increasing sales and fundraising efforts, dealing with difficult people, increasing self-esteem and confidence, increasing use of non-violent communication, raising the awareness of emotional intelligence, awakening life purpose and spiritual development.

Jennifer Clark can tailor a workshop or event to meet the needs of your specific group.

To see how Jennifer Clark can help you or your team, please contact her directly.






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