Discover Your Life Purpose

Discovering Your Life Purpose

As an Intuitive Life Path Guide, I have facilitated over 8000 consultations since 2001 helping people awaken to their life’s purpose. It happens to be a skill of mine that allows me to easily tap into a person’s soul contracts and discover what they had wanted to achieve in this lifetime. While I am honored to support others on their journey, finding your life purpose is as easy as asking your-Self a few simple questions.
First, let’s clarify what I mean by life purpose. I’m not talking about your job, your daily responsibilities, or even your long-term goals. I mean the real reason why you’re here at all — the very reason you exist. None of us signed up to be a civil servant or business owner or Senior Manager. These are the roles we play to achieve our life purpose.

So how to discover your purpose in life? While there are many ways to do this, some of them fairly involved, here is one of the simplest that anyone can do. Ask your-Self “what would I do if I could not fail?” The answer to this question will reveal most of content of what you’ll need to uncover your purpose. Answer this question from the perspective of having all the time, money, energy, knowledge, access, opportunity and ability you need. There are no barriers when answering this question. What would you do if your were Oprah or Bill Gates or Richard Branson? What would you do? Who would you help? How would you do it? Where would you do it? The more playful you are when you start to ask your-Self these questions, the more you allow your divine Child the opportunity to share the “secret” she/he is holding for you – the reason for Its Being.

Once you have some answers to these questions stand back and see with an open mind how you can do this now. Let me explain. Let’s say you answered “I would build schools in Africa” the next contemplation would be how could I build schools in Africa now? Perhaps you could sponsor a child in Africa or donate books to a library or join a charity or organization that is already building schools there. For example, one of my personal favourity charities, World Vision Canada, can build a school in Africa for $15,000 CDN. It can fully supply it for an additional $5,000. This is a fact that inspired a client of mine Sarah to raise $20,000 to build a school in Zimbabwe. Sarah came to my office looking for help for finding her life purpose. She felt dissatisfied with her life and was looking for more meaning. I asked her the question “what would you do if you could not fail?” and asked her to answer the question in detail as her h-OM-ework. Sarah came back to my office two weeks later with her answer “to build schools in Africa” and a copy of the World Vision catalogue. Sarah told me that soon after she did her homework, the World Vision catalogue came in the mail. Sarah had sponsored a child in Africa for several years. She was shocked to find out that for only $20,000 CDN she could build a school in Africa. She then began to think about how could she raise the $20,000 required. She knew she couldn’t do it alone. She began to think who she knew or who might be able to help. Sarah belonged to her daughter’s school’s parent council. She suggested they do a fundraiser to raise money to sponsor a school. The other parents felt it was a good idea and that it would be a good way for their children to help out other children in need. Collectively, they agreed upon school fundraising activities: bake sales and book sales etc. In one school year, they were able to collectively raise about $10,000 in total. Not to be deterred, she held onto the vision of her goal and prayed for assistance for the remaining funds. A few months later, one of other parent’s on the council attended a social function where he met a well-known business leader. By chance, this parent told this business leader about the school’s goal and deficit, and coincidentally this business man agreed to anonymously donate the extra $10,000. The school had achieved its goal in a year and a half. Approximately six months later, Sarah received pictures of the new school in Africa showing the beaming faces of the grateful school children with their new books and pencils.

Ask your-Self, what would YOU do if you could NOT fail? Write down in detail how you would do it. With a playful mind, ask your-Self how could you do this right now. Be creative. Ask for help. Combine your re-Sources. Share your vision with others. Ask for help. Be focused. Be in action. Have faith. Never say never. More importantly, never ever give up.

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