L.A. Barrett
“We are all just walking each other h-OM-e”
(Ram Dass)

Now more than ever, we need to gather, connect and create soul groups who support each other in their personal and professional lives. This is no ordinary networking event! Not only will you will have a opportunity to meet like-minded women who are putting their passion into action in the Ottawa community but also be a part of a unique re-Source gathering “game”.

Have you heard the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Well I believe that to be true. Each one of us knows someone who knows someone. This is what inspired the game “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” I believe whatever you need or want is just right around the corner, you just don’t know it yet! Luckily, someone you know does! By selecting the right kind of participant, my intention is to gather a powerfully re-Sourceful group of women to support each other in their creating solutions, achieving their goals, creating enlightened alliances and making real change happen not only in our own lives, but those we love and those we serve.

Together we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of those we serve! We are stronger together. If you are an Earth Angel, Social Architect, Spiritual Warrior, Wise One, Elemental, Star Child, Mermaid, Priestess, or Teacher/Healer then in particular this event is right for you. If you just need help getting something launched, need a job, need an angel investor, need clients, or just want to socially connect to an authentic group of real women, then this event is right for you.

Be An Angel In Action:

Real Women For Real Change

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

12:00pm to 2:00pm

Restaurant International at Algonquin College

H100-1385 Woodroffe Avenue

Ottawa, ON

Cost: $35.00 per person including taxes for 3 course meal (excluding alcohol)

Choice of chicken, fish or vegetarian meal options

Cash bar

Tickets in advance as space is limited.

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Focus charity is The Ottawa Food Bank

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Leslie-Anne Barrett

Leslie-Anne Barrett is a true earth angel! She is a internationally recognized make up artist, the Director for Make Up For Ottawa Fashion Week 2013 and the key make up artist for on air talent at CTV news. Having studied with and worked for many mentors like Bobbi Brown in NYC, she calls Ottawa home and is a Creative Catalyst for many artists, photographers, make up brands, fashion houses and jewellery designers. L. A. works tirelessly to build an empowered community and regularly volunteers her time and skills to local charities and fundraisers to make this city a better place. She will be talking to us about how to keep things real, how to be true to yourself first while meeting the expectations of a demanding career and high-energy clients.




angel message

Angel Energy Healing & Message Group Night

Wednesday October 30th, 2013

Wednesday November 27th, 2013

Wednesday December 11th, 2013

The Prince of Wales Manor, Senior’s Residence

22 Barnstone Drive

Ottawa, ON

K2G 2P9

7:00pm to 8:30pm

Cost $10.00

The evening will start off with an angelic meditation to help you connect and deepen your own connection to your angels and guides.  We will be joined by Angel Energy Musical Artist, Beth Sturdevant and her magical cello.  Jennifer will then do some Q+A’s and later offer selected participants angel messages of guidance, support and hope. 

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Never fear, angels are near!

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