Listen To Y(our) Mother

Soul Explorers! I wanted to share with you my Mom Jane Clark’s beautiful channelled messages from The Beloved. She starting writing inspirational messages from The Beloved which IS Prime Source Reality back in 2016. She took a pause and now is inspired to write again messages of hope, faith & resolve. She’s written me a […]


Soul Explorers! So as many of you have noticed I’ve been my Presence has been absent from my online communities just doing the bare minimum to post and keep things afloat. I haven’t been seeing clients either or teaching much which has never happened in 23 years of public service. And, it’s all go(o)d. I […]

Bands of Power With Jennifer Clark

Join me as I venture back out in the public eye in the spiritual community on 04/04 to offer shamanic bands of power rites. On the 04/04 date, Jennifer will guide participants through an energetic cleansing journey that will assist them in re-connecting to the Earth’s ascending grid. Once the energetic space has been cleared […]

Calling In The Dragons

That Time When….I Met A Dragon Continuing my series of Magical Moments with my tribe, here’s a little story about the time I met a dragon in Hawaii. Let me go back a little bit. I had been actively working with the angelic realms as a professional and immersing myself in ancient wisdom teachings. About […]

Leaving the Past Behind

Leaving the past behind… As I re-entered social media in 2024, I observed a lot of wounded people who are angry and stuck in the past. I observed people who’ve made judgments, labelling other people who disagree with them or whom they have perceived have hurt them in some way. I recently posted something yesterday […]

The Call of The Whales

That time I hosted a retreat in Hawaii for 21 people. I swam with a humpback whale off the coast of Kauai and saw the most beautiful emerald dragon flying through IAO Valley in Maui. I interviewed Sondra Ray author of Pele’s Wish on my radio show. She talked about a profound experience with a […]

11:11 Activation Portal

🌺 11:11 Remembrance Day🌺 When you go home, tell them of us and say,for their tomorrow we gave our today. — Rudyard Kipling   As we approach Remembrance Day, we reflect on the past efforts of courageous men and women who fought the good fight and made sacrifices for future generations. Lest we forget.  Energetically, 11-11 is also […]

Get INto The Holiday Spirit With Jennifer Clark

Holiday Spirit With Jennifer ClarkFisher Heights And Area Community Association31 Sutton PlaceOttawa, ON1:30pm to 4:00pmStreet parking$33.33 CDN Tickets in advance only. An Afternoon of En-LIGHT-enment & Holiday Spirit! Keeping The Light On! Join us for some old skool readings from the “stage” , a transformational crystal bowl healing sound bath from Crystal Charm, and Q+A […]

November Monthly Tune Up

November Monthly Tune Up As a Rapid Transformational Coach & Professional Spiritual Teacher, Jennifer uses traditional risk management a& coaching practices along with energy medicine, spirituality and ancient wisdom teachings from around the world to activate, align and help you level up as an Evolving Human. Each energy experience includes a guided healing journey, a […]

The Seal of Paladar: Restoring Light In The Dark

Combing angelic and galactic history, Jennifer Clark will initiate those souls called to hold and wield greater Light in the world into The Paladian Army of Light. The Paladian Army of Light was created by Lord Michael & Lord Melchizedek to restore Light in the Darkness. Much like the movie franchise Star Wars, the Jedi […]