Since winning a writing competition for the Ottawa Humane Society at age 11 years old, Jennifer was bitten by the writing bug. For the past 15 years, Jennifer’s passion has been writing and profiling excellence in her community. As a wayshower for others, she is dedicated to uplifting,inspiring and educating communities on the power within to effect positive change in the world.

She writes a monthly column for Tone magazine ( called Jen’s Zen where she intuitively answers readers life questions. She also contributes for Capital Style magazine ( where she educates the public at large about spiritual development, personal and professional empowerment.

She has also co-written two illustrated children’s books, Mimi The Angel Gets Hers Wings and Mimi The Angel Visits The Hospital inspiring young children to become they change they want to see in the world (  She is the creator of an series of inspirational stories about overcoming death, divorce, dis-ease and disaster called Passwords.  She has co-published and contributed to 2 books in the series so far: Passwords: Passing On Words of Wisdom and Hope and Passwords: Passing On Words of Wisdom and Strength (

She is also a SelfGrowth Expert sharing her wisdom with the world.  Because of her youth advocacy, she was asked to write an Insight in “5 Must Know Secrets For Today’s College Girl” by author Lauren P. Salamone.


Articles by Jennifer Clark for your reading pleasure:


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