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Everything in our universe is energy. Money is energy. Business is energy. Success is energy. Health is energy.  Thought is energy.  Happiness is energy.  Love is energy.  God/Source/Spirit/Creator Is Energy. Hermetic law says that energy cannot be destroyed; it only can be changed or transmuted. The Law of Attraction that business guru Napoleon Hill first wrote about in Think And Grow Rich says that what we focus on becomes reality. Jennifer Clark quickly became fascinated with the world of energy around her and how it created the results of her experience.

Having worked in the business community for 15 years, she could sense a flow or energy around successful people and knew that there was something more to creating opportunity and good luck.  As an avid student of the millionaire mind, she has actively studied successful people and their habits.

As an energy worker, her latent intuitive skills opened up to reveal to her the invisible worlds of Spirit. This esoteric information was somewhat new to her but having a “beginner’s mind set” she knew she did not know what she did not know and sought out the best in the world in the fields of energy, spirituality, coaching, empowerment, human potential, leadership, business, healing, conscious parenting and conscious communication to better understand life, the universe and everything. Jennifer Clark’s work represents the perfect union of mind, body, spirit, emotions and finances marrying the esoteric and the concrete into harmonious union –  “as above, so below”.

Jennifer Clark uses Leonardo Da Vinci’s Virtruvian Man as a symbol of perfect balance of mind, body, spirit, emotion and finances to help awaken her clients’ inner champion.  The figure is of a (hu)man standing up, with two feet firmly planted on the ground, arms wide open and head looking up perfectly proportioned and balanced in his world.  We must have balance in all areas of our life to be considered authentically successful.

Jennifer Clark believes that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience” and that we have a powerful Inner Presence and inner wisdom that lives inside each of us.  When faced with death, divorce, dis-ease or disaster, Jennifer believes that Life is giving us a challenge to overcome to prove our spiritual mastery for mastery must be first lived to be proven.  These “challenges” are opportunities to balance, heal or correct a situation that is somehow out of balance even if not apparently so.  Albert Einstein said “a problem cannot be solved at the level it was created”.  Jennifer invites her clients to expand their view of the situation, seek a higher perspective to allow them to see the bigger picture where answers and soul-utions can be found and take ownership of the situation within themselves. No matter how seemingly difficult a challenge looks on the surface, Jennifer is able to offer her clients this higher perspective on why things are happening and assist them in changing things inside out for the better. Even though difficult at times, Jennifer encourages her clients to ask “what lesson is this challenge trying to teach me?”  Jennifer helps her clients see the bigger picture of who they are and why they are here.  This higher level information helps them understand, deal and heal their problems so they can evolve and grow.
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Many of Jennifer’s clients are interested in the metaphysical/Spirit. As a Professional Spiritual Teacher and Ancient Wisdom Keeper, she offers her clients and students information, advice and tools for change to make real change in their lives.  The client must recognize their part in their problem or his-story and actively participate in their own “soul-ution”.  During a consultation or workshop, Jennifer educates and shares her knowledge with her clients and her students so that they can access and active their inner wisdom to become their own inner champion and become truly free to live the life they were born to live.  Results include but not limited to: spiritual development, human evolution, problem solving. physical and emotional shifting. career navigation. business development and creative expression.
Jennifer Clark is a Centre For Mental Health & Addictions certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor. She is a certified Assertiveness Coach certified by Doreen Virtue.  She is one of the world’s Integrated Energy Therapy IET  (Healing With The Angels) Master-Instructor Trainers teaching Masters and beginners about Integrated Energy Therapy.  She is a Girls Talk Facilitator certified by The Centre For Addiction And Mental Health helping children and teens with self-esteem by offering unique and effective empowerment strategies. In 2001, she completed an intensive 2 year professional shamanism healing program in Algonquin medicine taught by Algonquin Medicine Man Pete Bernard to deepen her connection to the Shadow Aspects of the subconscious and ancient wisdom teachings of the first people She is a Reiki Master trained by Julie Desmarais and Leanda Duncan. She is a Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner certified by NLP Partners Inc., and studied The Shadow Process® with Debbie Ford and completed the Millionaire Mind Intensive , Train The Trainer and Never Work Again with T. Harv Eker. She has also completed Non-Violent Communication by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and Conflict Evolution with John Sweetnam.  Jennifer is an avid student of The  Process created by Brandon Bays and has completed The Journey Intensive, Manifesting Abundance and Liberating Shining Kids Potential workshops. She was the first Professional Spiritual Teacher and Angel Intuitive Practitioner (ATP) working in Ottawa certified by Doreen Virtue and the first certified Angelspeake™ Facilitator in Ontario helping people connect and communicate with Spirit.
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Jennifer Clark shares her wisdom with her community. From 2013 to 2015, she hosted Rogers 22 “Jen’s Zen” a weekly community television program on Rogers 22 TV. From 2001 to 2010, she wrote a monthly column called “Jen’s Zen” for Tone magazine, and has contributed to Capital Style magazine and is a Self-Growth Expert on Self-Growth.com.  She has created several groups on Facebook to help communicate with and educate the general public her diverse interests and expertise: Soulful Solutions With Jennifer Clark, Angel Speak With Jennifer Clark, Jen’s Zen TV, Ottawa Community Builders, Ottawa Healing Community, Ottawa Soul Sista’s Networking Group, IET – Healing With The Angels – Ottawa Area, Sacred Fire (Violet Flame) Mastermind Group.  and Restore Project (Ottawa). 

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Between 2001 and 2012, she hosted CKCU FM radio’s “The Namaste Show – Good News For A Change” where she has conducted over 5000 interviews with inspirational authors like T. Harv Eker, Robin Sharma, James Redfield, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsch, Greg Braeden and others.  Since September 2011, she is the co-host of The Firestone Clark Report, an online internet radio program focusing on entrepreneurship which is co-hosted by Dr. Bruce Firestone, the founder of the Ottawa Senators.  She is a popular and frequent guest on local television and has been profiled on CJOH Television’s Regional Contact, Roger Television’s The Daytime Show and Talk Ottawa as well as The Ottawa Sun and The Ottawa Citizen newspapers and Hot 89.9 FM radio.

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Jennifer Clark is a dynamic professional public speaker and workshop facilitator assisting others on personal and professional development bringing a holistic and conscious approach to the learning giving her audience the advantage of her expertise of walking between the visible and invisible worlds.


She works with young and old alike – her youngest client is 3 years old and her oldest is 83! She has a passion for helping children and young people balance their lives and achieve their dreams. For 5 summers she worked as a Youth Worker for the City of Ottawa’s Parks & Recreation department specializing in high risk youth.  She is a Girls Talk Facilitator certified by The Centre For Addiction And Mental Health.  She has co-authored two inspirational children’s books helping young children keep their magic and spirit alive. She lectures on the new Rainbow, Crystal and Indigo children helping parents understand better their little angels.   She is a frequent guest lecturer at Algonquin College supporting young entrepreneurs and offering support services to youth mental health and awareness.  She was asked to write an excerpt for the book, “5 Must Know Secrets For Today’s College Girl” by  Lauren P. Salamone. No matter what age someone is, Jennifer Clark believes each person has a purpose worth developing and the ability to manifest it into physical reality.


Born and raised in Ottawa, Jennifer Clark graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Political Science in 1992 and then became a Canadian certified Risk Manager from the Sprott School of Business. She worked in the general insurance industry for 7 years after working in sales for a previous 7 .    These problem solving skills have allowed Jennifer to combine her intuitive abilities with her analytical skills and her knowledge of the world of energy to assist her clients on creating unique success strategies for personal and professional growth.


Jennifer Clark believes in giving back and puts her money where her mouth is. For the past 11 years, she has sponsored a child from Ghana through World Vision Canada and is an active micro lender in Kiva.org. She regularly donates money to The Ottawa Mission, The Shepherds of Good Hope, SOS Children’s Fund, Convenant House, and the The CHEO Foundation and Operation Smile. She is founder of the Ottawa’s Soul Sista’s Networking Group that raises money for local charities by creating enlightened alliances with other women. As an active community builder and social architect, she has created a new group on Facebook Ottawa Community Builders where she advertises local events raising funds for charity like The Hera Mission. Jennifer Clark frequently donates her time, her skill and her energy to other local charities and groups doing positive work in her community like the Cosmic Pathways Healing Fair and Healing Ottawa Live Auction.  She is a member of the Council of Canadians protecting Canada’s fresh water supplies and Avaaz.org,  a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision making everywhere.  She is a member of the Alliance For Visionary Entrepreneurs (AVE), a round table group for investors and entrepreneurs to brainstorm and join forces on a wide range of ventures focused on inspiring humanity and bringing about positive changes to their communities.

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Jennifer Clark is daughter, sister, mother, friend. She is a Soul Ninja, Super Connector, Spiritual Bad Ass, Transformer, Creative Catalyst and all around Shi(f)t Disturber.  She lives in Ottawa with her son who is her greatest teacher and pushes her to make her world a better place.


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NOTE that Jennifer Clark is NOT a medical professional nor is she a Licensed Therapist or Counsellor. She cannot diagnose or claims to cure dis-ease. Her work is NOT designed to replace medical or psychological counselling or financial or legal advice. However, Jennifer can support you in working on your own well-being by showing you simple tools that are non-invasive, empowering and help you balance and align yourself in order for you to create the life you want.

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