Listen To Y(our) Mother

Soul Explorers!

I wanted to share with you my Mom Jane Clark’s beautiful channelled messages from The Beloved.

She starting writing inspirational messages from The Beloved which IS Prime Source Reality back in 2016.

She took a pause and now is inspired to write again messages of hope, faith & resolve.

She’s written me a few messages lately that have made my heart smile and my Spirit sing.

I wanted to share them with others since there is so much flux in our Matrix.

She is retired civil servant who taught me most everything I know. We have travelled together in many lifetimes and very much an important lifeline of mine.

In the Spirit of Grandmother Anna, she spiritually coaches grandmothers who are worried about their kids and grandkids by donation.

She’s lived a lot of Life and brings many esoteric wisdom teachings to the table.

She accepts donations of $30 for Messages from The Beloved which helps her with her fun money when she takes LBM and I out for breakfast 😜.

Contact her to get your own message at

They make great gifts for people moving through challenge.

I have a cherished box of letters over the years she wrote me when I was experiencing a break up, struggled at school or work, or had a hard time being a Mom or leader.

And, if you’ve received one of Jane’s messages, kindly comment your feedback on this post.


“ Beloved Children of the beautiful Earth, Beloved Gaia, I ask you to hear Me today.  Before anything else that you might hear, listen or read, in this message, I LOVE YOU, ALL of you and honour all that you wish to experience and indeed are witnessing in these pivotal times. Yes, I honour your strength, your resolve to hold unto the truth as each one of you views it and are courageous and brave enough to listen to your own heart, your own discernment. There is so much in your world today that is bombarding all of your senses. The so called ‘good’ the so called ‘bad’. For in truth there is no such thing. You do not know what to believe in fact some of you do not wish to know. Again, there is no judgment here as I honour all that is.

However, I wish you to realize that there is a power within you that is more powerful than  the perceived power that has and still has exerted control over you for thousands of years in your earth’s history.  That power in you that overseeds all personal power that is controlling you, is the realization and deep inner knowing that you are a multidimensional being of Light with unlimited frequencies of consciousness running through you. You are limitless and eternal.  Wake up to this fact! You are not sheep/ cattle led to slaughter. Access your higher mind and tap into what is really going on upon your planet. Wake up and clear those cobwebs that have hidden the truth of what is. Fear and panic has consumed you in many ways and in varied degrees. Stop accepting what has been told to you and start thinking through your higher mind and most importantly through your sacred heart. Choose wisely and say yes to your inner knowing and stop saying yes to the illusion of power that is being presented to you now in this moment.  Beloveds, understand who you truly are. Feel it in every cell of your body and clearly understand that you indeed have power to overcome anything. You have to let go of the hand that has always led you here and there. It is paramount that you do so!   You can hold the hand of another in support of each other and to stand tall together in the Light but in equality, not in subservience.  You have the power in LOVE Dear Hearts, in LOVE not fear. You have freewill Beloveds and choices will have to be made that will change your world in one way or another. I AM with you and so is the Company of Heaven waiting to see what you choose. We are sending you unlimited waves of unconditional love and support but the choice is yours, Dear Ones, the choice is yours.

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