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So as many of you have noticed I’ve been my Presence has been absent from my online communities just doing the bare minimum to post and keep things afloat. I haven’t been seeing clients either or teaching much which has never happened in 23 years of public service. And, it’s all go(o)d.

I talked about it in December my feeling to withdraw and go within and observe the Inverted Matrix and how people are responding to the outer worlds shenanigans.

I gotta say, I haven’t missed a thing LOL. It’s been good for me to focus elsewhere and bury the identities of the past. As Disclosure happens, particularly in the spiritual communities, I’ve had to unlearn practically everything I know and question everything I’ve been taught. What is “bad”, is actually “good” and what is “good” is actually “bad”. It was hard at first but thankfully my background in exopolitics and galactic history has helped connect the dots for me here on what’s happening now on planet Earth. I’ve been practicing the art of non-attachment which isn’t always easy in a human personality.

I shared this during my recent webinar Wheels of Protection which was the first time I’ve been public in 4 months.

Since Sunday, the inergies have been wild and off the chart causing sleeplessness, dizziness, migraines, throwing up, and feelings of being dazed and confused.

You’re not alone if you are feeling this. You’re just reacting to the quantum shift and the shift going quantum. The way it’s been presented to me visually is Harry Potters’ Hogwarts’ moving staircases. You think you’re going one way and then whoops, the staircase moves and you have to hang on and wait and see where you land. Then, you have to reassess where you landed and feel your way forward and through to a new destination trusting the re-direction.

Right now, everything is changing – multiple timelines converging, old systems collapsing, disclosure revealing the Invisible Hand moving the pieces on the cosmic chessboard, geo-political support changing sides, even the seasons/temperature here in Ottawa moving from warm to cold and back again. (Please protect the pollinators!).

As I advised in my Wheels webinar, Mother Nature is your best friend. Getting outside, earthing, drinking good spring water, eating good food, having the sun warm your skin and the wind clear your aura is always go(o)d medicine. I love Bachs Rescue Remedy when things get really wonky. Keeping your Spirit up and at least neutral is key. We are truly the Observers and Witnesses to the Great Unravelling that is happening.

The INvitation from Spirit is to solidify your personal connection to Prime Source Reality, the Original Source of All that is beyond our Inverted Matrix but also inside of us / Here, There & Everywhere. You are a Divine Spark that no man or No Thing can extinguish. Connect Prime Source to your own cosmic heart, your Mighty I AM Presence or Higher Self. Connect your cosmic heart to the cosmic hearth of Mother Earth. Amplify your Divine Spark with visualization and breathwork and nuture its Flame. This is the NEO code in The Matrix.

Focus on love, joy, peace, harmony and how you can bring those elements of creation into your Life even just for one moment.

Imagine the best possible solution for yourself and humanity as a whole. Things are flipping upside down and right side up.

Remember Prime Source Reality does not chose or have chosen people. We are all One. We are all equal. We have been given free will to choose our reality and our experiences. When you don’t know how to shift your reality, keep asking ‘what else is possible?’ Focus on something beautiful. Get outside in Nature and be in awe of the green grass, the melody of the birds, the beauty of a child’s laugh or the sweetness of a fresh fruit. Do no harm when and where you can. Leave a positive footprint wherever you flow.

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