Leaving the Past Behind

Leaving the past behind…

As I re-entered social media in 2024, I observed a lot of wounded people who are angry and stuck in the past. I observed people who’ve made judgments, labelling other people who disagree with them or whom they have perceived have hurt them in some way.

I recently posted something yesterday which triggered some people. 1 person was respectful and I dialogued with her and I decided to block one person who presents herself as a Motivational Speaker but who just is an angry person and projected her anger out on me. I realized I don’t have to “watch” her channel or listen to her views. We fundamentally see the universe a different way which is 100% A-Ok.

But I’m tired now. I’m getting older and have less tolerance for bullsh$t. I’m tired of catering to the angry mob. The dragon inside of me is growing and roaring.

I deleted the post entirely because 1 angry person just pissed all over my cornflakes so I had to throw the whole darn thing out.

And, that’s ok. I’m very mindful of keeping my space clean and clear whether that’s my home life, my work or here as I present myself on socials.

I don’t want to debate anyone who disagrees with me. I get it. Lots of people disagree with my views and I’ve been good with that pretty much since I stepped into the public spotlight 24 years ago. I don’t post negative comments on other people’s pages. There is a sh&t ton I disagree with but in a democratic society, I respect other people’s rights to hold views I do not agree with.

I’m not here to con-vince anyone that I’m right and they are wrong. Im not here to con-vert anyone to any way of living, thinking or believing.

So, in the Spirit of moving forward, I have decided only to work with a smaller number of people and take more time to select the right fit before actually engaging in any kind of meaningful exchange of services.

I know the power and value of my wisdom and how rapidly I can help shift sh$t. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky in 24 years of public service in that I’ve only had a few “difficult” clients. Social media platforms however seem to be a whole other beast and the negativity usually comes from people that have never worked with me.

Before I create my new spring container, I wanted to extend a special February offer to anyone who feels stuck and feels like they are trapped in a story that never ends. The crux is this offer is for people who actually want to do something about it and not just talk about it.

My fees have been priced to reflect my education, my experience and my ability to get results. I am all to well aware that people’s finances cannot always support that kind of extra coaching in their budget.

Many middle class Canadians are struggling to keep the lights on. I get it.

So for the rest of the month, I am offering a 50% discount off of my healing sessions for people who want to change their story, re-write a new one and focus not on why bad things happened to them but instead on how can it get any better than this?

Go to my website www.jenniferclark.ca.

When you email me, put in the subject line, I Am Ready.

And, if that still doesn’t work for your current financial situation, I am open to payment plans and am open to certain kinds of barter or exchange of services.

Sessions can be done in person or via Zoom, Google Meet, or FB Messenger video.

The future is already here. The new Earth needs building.

Shi(f)t is happening.

What else is possible?

If you’ve read this far, thanks for staying with me. Comment I Am Ready in the comments and you’ll put your name in for a free 30 minute healing experience with me. I’ll be picking the names from the comment section randomly on Friday.

Wishing you a Sunday full of sunshine, clear skies and hope.


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