The Call of The Whales

That time I hosted a retreat in Hawaii for 21 people.

I swam with a humpback whale off the coast of Kauai and saw the most beautiful emerald dragon flying through IAO Valley in Maui.

I interviewed Sondra Ray author of Pele’s Wish on my radio show. She talked about a profound experience with a Hawaiian indigenous elder named Auntie Pua.

I was so entranced by the book and Ray’s experience with Auntie P that I then interviewed Auntie P on my radio show.

Bernadette (her Christian name) and became friends and she invited me to Hawaii to experience Aloha for myself which is a whole vibe in of itself.

I had been to Hawaii once before as a tween and fell in love with it so it wasn’t hard for me to go.

So, with Auntie’s P’s help, I brought 21 people with me to visit her and experience Aloha culture first hand not as a tourist but as ohana (family).

Hawaii is bar none one of my favorite places in the world. It’s old Lemuria with so much magic in every leaf, flower and crashing wave.

I had hired a boat to take us to swim with wild dolphins off of Kauai.

As I got on the boat and met Captain Nancy I told her we’d be meeting whales. She shook her head and said no, wrong season. I looked at Auntie P and winked.

Hawaiian waters are the most amazing sapphire blue. When we were out deep enough, I asked Auntie P to chant and sing the ancient language of whales.

Auntie P was short and round. She walked to the bow of the boat, stomped her feet on the floor of the boat deck, outstretched her little arms and sang her heart out to the water.

If you’ve never heard a Hawaiian song in the ancient language, its one of the most heart opening experiences you’ll have. Their ancient songs of ah, ha, ma pepper their language of the soul.

One of my guests was a musician and brought a wooden flute. He got his flute out of his bag and started playing while Auntie P sang her song to the whales.

I instructed the rest of our party to chant “om” the universal sound of God.

The boat crew rolled with it – we were the paying guests after all.

We arrived at our snorkelling spot so got in the water to snorkel.

Immediately, we were greeted by a pod of wild dolphins that had brought a few green sea turtles with them.

It was divine.

Captain Nancy called us back up out of the water for our lunch.

However, 4 of us stayed in the water – me, Rick, John and Larry.

As a mermaid, I was just so happy to be in the sapphire ocean.

All of sudden, I could faintly hear noise coming from the surface but it was hard to tell what was happening.

I turned to look up to the surface when a huge basketball eye ball slowly swam by me surveying me a few feet away.

I was shocked and stunned not immediately recognizing it as a whale.

The vibration of love was so powerful from this magical creature, I immediately started crying which posed a bit of a challenge with my snorkel mask.

I looked around and the three others were also having a “moment” with our cetacasean friend.

I swam closer even though I knew I shouldnt from a safety perspective.

The yelling from the boat was getting louder.

The 4 of us though we caught up in our own magical moment of proof of the divine.

When we finally surfaced, the crew and our party were all ecstatic.

The whale pod surrounded our boat. We watched with pure childlike joy a pod of humpback show off for us, breaching and jumped and tail thumping.

The whale family escorted us back following our return to shore.

It was, and is to this day, one of the most magical things that has ever happened to me.

Unbeknownst to me, later that week, I’d meet a dragon on Maui but that’s another story…..

I challenge all of you who took the time to read this, to live a magical life intending to be awed by the beauty and majesty of our planet regardless of your circumstance orphysicall location.

Magic, Beauty and Grace Live – Everywhere.

It might be time for another adventure with Spirit.

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