Roar Like A Lion

The Lion’s Gate portal has ties to ancient Egypt and represents the cosmic alignment of Earth and the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. The Egyptians honoured it as a time of massive energetic influx and activation. Sirius is a source of spiritual light and a symbol of abundance and fertility, a powerful time to tap into this energy and shift any old ways of being tied to scarcity. Something that may have been coming up for a lot of us over the last 6 months.

It is also a time to set intentions to start new projects and tap into fiery Leo expression of heart-centered creation. This alignment peaks on 08/08/2023 creates an intense surge of light that accelerates your DNA activation, activates high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening. This portal is all about awakening your divine light, truly accepting and owning your power and embodying divinity in its physical form. Celebrate your body and shine your light, it’s not the time to play small!

The sun is in Leo and so it is a time to activate your royal codes of higher living. You are a queen of creation, in the image of the goddess, here to shine your light and raise the vibration of the planet. By raising your own vibration and making your healing and ascension and joy a priority, you are in a state of reciprocity with the universe and the planet, contributing to the whole. When you are in a state of joy you have more to offer, your pleasure and passion is a gift to all. Shining your light is doing your part. If you serve you deserve.

The message during this time is to trust. Trust that the new paradigm, the new earth is being birthed. Trust that you are divinely guided. Trust that you are supported every step of the way, Trust that the universe is working its magic through you. Trust your body, it is the vessel through which divinity manifests. You are an act of creation. You are a creatrix. 


This Lion’s Gate Portal you are encouraged to gather with your sisters, your soul family, and celebrate the light. Be open to receiving the high vibrational downloads and potent activation. 

Join me and my tribe Tues Aug 8th for my annual Lion’s Gate Ceremony.

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