How To Be A Galactic Human



How To Be A Galactic Human With Jennifer Clark 

Sunday, July 23rd, 2023

2:00pm to 4:00pm ET

Humanics Sanctuary & Sculpture Park

3468 Old Montreal Road

Cumberland, Ontario

K4C 1H9

Cost: $15 ($8 for park admission + $7 to cover “rental” fee)

Free parking on site

Guests can explore the park after the lecture for up to 1 hour.

Come and experience this hidden jewel just outside Cumberland Village in Ottawa. Discover sculptures carefully placed in a natural setting at this nine-acre wooded ravine with walking trails and quaint bridges over a meandering creek. The Humanics sanctuary and sculpture park is a unique multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-generational Canadian Institution focused on bringing awareness to the 3 essential values of Oneness, Equality, and Interconnectedness.

Participants will gather in the  designated outdoor “meeting space” in the sacred Maple Grove and listen to a fascinating lecture by Jennifer Clark who will share her insights about Disclosure and the New Earth. Jennifer will offer a new earth code guided experience to help you activate your divine blueprint.

Jennifer Clark has been actively involved with exopolitics for 20+ years having worked with Dr. Sheldan Nidle, Dr. Frank Stranges and Dr. Steven Greer. She has been publicly speaking out about the Great Collapse for the past 5 years and teaching others how to usher in the Golden Age tapping into ancient wisdom teachings from around the world.  She is the founder of Free In The 613 and Ottawa Healing Community groups on Facebook.  She will share insights on how to live as a Galactic Human once again in this beautiful outdoor space.

She is honored to be joined by special guest Dr. Ranjit Perera founder of the Humanics Sanctuary and President of the Humanics Institute who will be leading a contemplative conversation on consciousness speaking about the 3 essential values. of love, peace & harmony.

If it rains, we will move the event inside to the tent on the site.

*Seating is limited to 30 so it might be handy to bring a folding camp chair with you just in case.

Questions? Contact Jennifer at

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