Soul Explorers!
I’ve been hanging back INtegrating the new Earth codes that have been flooding our planet the last few weeks.
Have you noticed energy shifts in your body and around you in the ether?
Us Energy Sensitives sure have!
I’m super excited to be sharing them with you at my virtual annual Solstice Spiritual Awakening Ceremony With Jennifer Clark on June 20th.
The Summer Solstice is one of the most important times of the year on our planet across cultures and belief systems. It connects us to the global community.
We will be closest to the Sun, and literally bathed in fire.
That means there is an absolute abundance of that rich fire energy available for you & me to soak up as well. We can use that energy to inspire up, to uplift us, to energize us. and to light the fire withIN.
Now is the time to embrace your fiery badass self. To soak up all that good mojo and let it fuel you.
Explore. Experience. Evolve.



Join us for this annual Summer Solstice Spiritual Awakening Ceremony as Jennifer activates the new Earth codes within you and all around you to help you evolve as a Galactic Human.

As a Rapid Transformational Coach, Jennifer uses traditional risk management and combines it with her expertise in energy medicine, angel therapy, and ancient wisdom teachings from around the world to activate, align and help you level up.

Each energy alignment includes a guided healing journey, a general card reading for the group, and card pulls for participants.


Solstice Spiriutal Awakening Ceremony

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

7:30pm to 9:00pm ET

$33.33 CDN



Increased connection to Spirit
Heart Opening
Increased psychic capacity
Increased psychic protection
Energy blocks removed
Increased flow
Increased peace of mind
Increased hope & faith
Direction & clarity
Increased well-being
Community & fellowship

Investment: $33.00 via Zoom / PayPal

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