Soul Explorers!

Love is IN the air – literally – woke up to two mating skunks who were getting jiggy with it early this am beneath my bedroom window. The female sprays the male and now my house stinks


Skunk medicine is about self-respect, honor and strength.

The skunk couple has left us a lasting gift to honor thyself and respect ourselves.


Amongst my many burning incense sticks, I am getting ready to host another Sacred Spirit live event this Saturday.


Here is a Valentine’s Day message from Arusa, a rose quartz skull who will be a guest speaker at Sacred Spirit Presents: The Crystal Skulls & Dragons Speak sharing messages of Love:

“Valentine’s day is but a day. Looking into humanity’s field there are a lot of attachments associated with this day. We advise detaching and releasing from these.

In lieu, view this day as a reminder that love is everywhere; love is everything. You need only to look with love in the eyes. Open your hearth chakra and feel; feel the love within you and around you. Receive it. Share it. Be love.

Know that you are loved. We send you much love.”


Tickets on sale $88 in advance. Kids 9-18 years old are free with adult purchase.

Explore. Experience. Evolve.

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