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Loving my weird!! It took me to my late thirties to accept my weird and wonder-filled self. I never followed the crowd and always took the path less travelled – which has led me to some out of this world experiences.

Like the time I saw a real life dragon flying in the valley of the chiefs in IAO Valley Maui (think Jurassic Park).

Like the time the dragon spirit of the dragon temple in Bali called me alone into the jungle to meet it – it was a 12 foot “eel” waiting for me half raised out of the water like a black serpent in an underwater cave on the side of a sacred mountain. “It” wanted me to pet it and I did – in the dark jungle – alone at night in a foreign land. Did you know eels have VERY sharp teeth? LOL

Like the time I swam with a humpback whale off of the coast of Kauai. Like the time I saw an angel in the sky over the desert of Black Rock City Nevada, the site of the Burning Man Festival which is an Indian Reserve – totally sober and awake. She/He talked to me about my purpose and future. Like the time I talked to the Angel of Death in the ICU of the Ottawa General Hospital while I was at my sister’s bedside (think like the movie Mr. Black with Brad Pitt).

I am having a blast sharing the truly magical lived experiences I’ve had – sober and without the need for hallucinogens – with other Seekers. My goal is to de-mystify the mystical and reveal the magical.Life is too hard without some mINd blowing shi(f)t.

As I contINue hosting my Sacred Spirit series of live INspirational events, I am excited to share some of the ancient wisdoms of the elemental kingdoms with others. Specifically, the crystal skulls & dragons. I will be pulling a card every day on my Facebook Business Page from two inspiring oracle decks for my soulful community. I hope the messages hit hOMe for you!

Meet Mansur a real life great crystal skull found in the Amazon Rainforest in 1995. “He” is made from lapus lazuli and symbolizes the sacred force. He is here to help you be honest with yourself about how you feel and to be honest when communicating your feelings with others.

Look at “his” picture below. Close your eyes. Place your hand over your heart and mentally ask “Mansur, what message do you have for me?”.

Join me Sat Feb 18th for Sacred Spirit Presents: The Crystal Skulls & Dragons Speak in Ottawa. Tickets on sale now. We’ll be talking prophecy, destiny, healing, and much more!

The world is a magical place if you only had eyes to see.

Explore. Experience. Evolve.

Soulful Solutions with Jennifer Clark

Credit: Oracle of the Crystal Skulls by Patrice Marty

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