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We’re so excited to have local Rune Reader Leona Schnellert offering rune readings at my upcoming live event Sacred Spirit: Creating The New For You! on Saturday, January 21st, 2023. 

Leona was a popular guest on my Rogers 22 TV show Jen’s Zen. I’ve asked her to offer rune readings at our event.
What are runes? Runes are an ancient divination tool that offer powerful INsights.  Runes are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets native to the Germanic peoples. Runes were used to write various Germanic languages before they adopted the Latin alphabet. 

The word ‘rune’ simply means mystery, whisper or secret and it’s a form of divination or oracle reading system that’s used to help gain insight into situations or questions. Runes can be made of various materials, but are most commonly made of stone, and feature a symbol from the runic alphabet on them.

I have a beautiful set of runes made out of cobalt blue agate stones that I use often. 

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