Childhood Neglect & Co-Dependency

Soul Explorers!🤙

The full moon in Pisces on Sept 10th is inviting you to dig deep into your past in order to birth your future.

People are feeling the need to heal on a soul level now. No more time to waste on toxic relationships that are going no-where, or temporary sexual situationships simply to make you feel better.

It’s time to do the inner work so you can feel good on your own and create healthy mature loving relationships with others.

In my healing practice, I am working a lot with people who have experienced childhood neglect leading them to attract co-dependent relationships in their adult lives.

I have a high degree of empathy and experience in helping people heal their past and the past mistakes of others that caused them harm.

Childhood neglect can be verbal criticism, yelling, withholding of love, praise or presents on birthday or Christmas’.

Drama, co-dependency, insecurities, chronic lying & addictions are all by-products of a “challenging” childhood.

I am working with one woman who was never told “I love you” by her parents which led her to fall “in love” with a toxic partner leading to physical and sexual abuse. She didn’t have a healthy experience of love in her childhood which lead her to have lower standards of love in her adult years.

Read this informative article on the link between co-dependency and childhood challenges:…/codependency-and…/

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