Soul Explorers!

The Lion’s Gate portal is sending down sacred Light codes offering Gaia a galactic activation. Gaia is going through its final purge and push towards ascension. The Lion’s Gate is open until August 12th.

Many Energy Sensitives waking up today feeling like a ton of bricks. How about you?

Recognize that fluey symptoms – congestion & achiness are all ascension symptoms as well.

Lots of healing happening on the etheric planes during the past few days, particularly in our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Many of us are called to go jump in a lake and submerge.

Being surrounded by water, even if it’s a bathtub, is very important now, especially for the water signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces.

The water signs, in particular, may be facing more water symptoms – grief coming up from the body – congestion & phlegm etc.

Make friends with hot lemon water, herbal teas & Elderberry syrup.

Know that water in the lungs/chest is generally related to grief and loss.

For the past 4 years, I have been curating workshops & events to support the ascension quickening process. Things are going to speed up and get heavier as we approach 2023.

More and more will be added to our “load”, more and more information will be thrown at us and it is important to build a strong foundation now – a healthy body, a stable home, keen intuition, and a strong North Star to guide you.

For many, all of this “stuff coming at you” will simply be opportunities for you to decide who or what is important. Too many people still spinning their wheels in the mud with people that just aren’t moving them forward.

Recognized that these perceived roadblocks or glitches in the Matrix are opportunities for you to flex your muscle; to say no and create new boundaries to protect that which you hold dear and near.

The universe is testing some of you to see how bad you want “it”. If you are wasting time on other people’s problems, dreams, projects or goals or unpreparedness and not enough on what makes you happy, or building your own foundation or better future, then that’s on you, not on them.

For curious Soul Explorers, I’m hosting a new 8-week container Awakening Starseeds With Jennifer Clark this Wednesday. We’ll be traveling the cosmic highway together to dive deep into Hollow Earth, Agartha, Lyra, Venus, Pleiades, Sirius & Andromeda.

Room is still available if you are interested. We meet every Wed 7-9pm ET via Zoom. Sessions are recorded in case you can’t participate live. Investment is $444 CDN.

See you on the cosmic highway!
J ox 💋

Explore. Experience. Evolve.

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