New Moon Vibes!

My signature spiritual event Gaia’s Guardians: Exploring Plant Spirit Healing has been re-scheduled to this Sunday, August 28th from 10:00am to 3:00pm at Fitzroy Harbour Provincial Park. Right on time for the new moon in Virgo!


Soul Explorers! The Lion’s Gate portal is sending down sacred Light codes offering Gaia a galactic activation. Gaia is going through its final purge and push towards ascension. The Lion’s Gate is open until August 12th. Many Energy Sensitives waking up today feeling like a ton of bricks. How about you? Recognize that fluey symptoms […]

Lion’s Gate Portal Reading

Soul Explorers! Happy Lion’s Gate 08-08! The 2022 Lionsgate Portal opened July 26 and goes through August 12th, but today, August 8th is the day when the energies are at their highest. The energy for the Lion’s Gate Portal can be used to move us closer to our destinies and help us reach spiritual awareness. […]

Water YourSelf!

Soul Explorers! Excited for my first Plant Spirit Healing event since the pandemic on Sun Aug 28th at Fitzroy Harbour Provincial Park! Gaia’s Guardians – Exploring Plant Spirit Healing Lots of INteresting wisdom from the plant kingdoms of late especially with the upcoming earth shifts on tap next year regarding the magnetic pole reversals. In […]