Summer Love Is IN The Air!

🤙🏽Soul Explorers!🤙🏽

The new moon is a time to get introspective, dream, set intentions and manifest.

🦀 This particular new moon is in the first decan of Cancer, which is ruled by Venus. Love is IN the air!

💙 This is the most optimistic, warm, fun-loving, ambitious, protective, and productive lunation of the summer. Don’t miss this opportunity to cultivate the financial, relational, and creative visions that you’ve always wanted.

🌹Tap into your hidden feminine powers. Release toxic control issues and fears.

✨Your joyous clean slate awaits!  You are more powerful than you think.

Join me tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28th at 7:30pm ET via Zoom
for my Cancer New Moon Meditation. 

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