Awakening Starseeds: Exploring Your Cosmic Roots

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“We are all stardust”

As we approach the powerful Lion’s Gate portal on 08/08, humanity is again being called to evolve and expand its collective consciousness and reclaim its cosmic destiny.

In this new 8-week online container, we will explore our cosmic roots and origins, meet our star brothers & sisters in Light and re-claim our cosmic DNA.


Week 1 -> Terra Gaia

Before any exploration can start, we must reconnect with our home planet Gaia. Gaia is actually a planetary Goddess gifted the role of physically supporting consciousness on Earth. We will meet her in her Healing Temple in the Earth’s Core to receive blessings on our journey.

Week 2 -> The Agarthans/Hollow Earth

We will meet The Agarthans who live in our Hollow Earth who are waiting for the surface world to become more enlightened and peaceful.

Week 3 -> Lyra

We will journey with The Lyrans who were the first Earth stewards of Gaia’s sacred space. They will teach us about interconnectedness and harmony as they work with us with whale medicine.

Week 4 -> Pleiadians

We will meet the Pleiadians who are galactic explorers and assist humanity with their spiritual transformation. They will gift us with a powerful activation to propel us forward.

Week 5 -> Venus

We will then journey with our sister planet, Venus, the planet of love and work with the 13 Goddesses of Venus who will activate inner beauty and reconnect us to the infinite cosmic Love frequency.

Week 6 -> Arcturus

We will connect and work with the powerful Arcturians who are a highly spiritually advanced race committed to helping humans evolve back to their cosmic blueprint and remove the influence of negative alien races from planet Earth.

Week 7 -> Sirius

As we expand our consciousness together, we finally meet the Sirians, some of the most revered star races. The Sirians are considered to be โ€˜Spiritual Warriorsโ€™ as Sirius is home to one of the most advanced training centers or universities known as the Mystery Schools, to which the Ascended Masters travel. We will journey to Sirius B and be initiated there in one of their Mystery Schools.

Week 8 -> Andromeda

Finally, we conclude our exploration with the Andromedans who originate from our sister galaxy. They are a tall powerful race majestic in their demeanor and will help us stand up in our glory and discover our cosmic destiny.


This container is 8 weeks meeting every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm ET from August 10th to Sept 28th.

Your investment is $444 incl taxes payable e-transfer to or using this PayPal link

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