The Wheel Of Time Is Turning

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Man, what an interesting time! This week we are closing out the eclipse cycle, which has been three weeks of intense decision making (or having others make the decisions for you) regarding what to take forward in your journey and who or what to leave behind.

The lunar eclipse mid-month is turning up shi(f)t for you to clear, cancel and delete before Monday’s new moon. It’s time to say good-bye finally to people and patterns that belong dead and buried. #byefelicia

Astrologer Kaypacha writes: “it’s like you’re running to catch the boat that’s leaving the dock, and you have one foot on the boat and the other foot is still on the dock. Do you throw your suitcase on the boat and maybe fall in the water or drop it on the dock so you can make it onto the boat? AHHHHH!” #decisionsdecisions

Sometimes the smallest decision changes your life forever. In my 20+ years, I’ve been working with destiny and reading the Akashic Records, I’ve learned that a major life decision is never really a choice but rather a realization that the decision has already been made for you. You can run from it but you can’t hide from it. Destiny will always find a way through to you.

You can take hard road or the easy road your choice. One way or another, it’s time to get going. This weekend is time to finish up unfinished business. Choose your actions carefully. Don’t waste your time, energy, or resources needlessly on dead-end ventures, energy vampires, or people who don’t belong in your future.

Heads up to the people who run away to avoid life, the Wheel of Time is moving forward with or without you. Trust your instinct, put your energy where it belongs, where it’s meaningful and mutually satisfying and keep your eye on the future. It’s here.

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Join me and mine Monday at 7:30pm New Moon Ceremony With Jennifer Clark to anchor in the new moon in Gemini and shake off the tornado vibes and the lunar eclipse chaos.

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