The Stars In Her Eyes

πŸ€™Soul Explorers!πŸ€™

Coming out of the eclipse corridor all fly and cosmic like.

The lunar eclipse burned everything down that is not in alignment. The blood moon in Scorpio helped things die that needed to be re-born anew.

We knew Scorpio’s full moon might sting and for many it did.

I’m grateful that I sailed through it but I did β€œthe work” before IN preparation.

My Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Cord Cutting Ceremony With Jennifer Clark was ah-mazing! Replay available for purchase.

How are you flowINg?

Many Energy Sensitives are still feeling the scorpion’s sting this week.

Getting an alignment can hurt. People fall away. Old patterns die. But that which is meant to BE surfaces for its much destined second (or third) chance.

Who or what is popping UP for you? Pay INtention.

Like the mystical phoenix, we can rise from the ashes of the past to live agaIN.

Join us Sat Jun 11th forΒ Sacred Spirit: An Afternoon Of Connection & Communion. Tickets on sale now.

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