Get Off Your Ass And Do Something About It

I had the pleasure of attending the Archangel Summits in Toronto for several years pre-Covid and was even a VIP Ambassdor working behind the scenes for Giovanni Marsico’s amazing team.

I really admire Giovanni’s vision (I wish I had created it myself lol).


Back in early 2008, my life was completely and utterly out of alignment. Things were spiraling out of control.

March 27th was the day I sat for three hours contemplating whether or not I should end my life.

My marriage back then had failed.

With the failure of the marriage I let my business at the time spiral out of control.

I was in a severe state of depression.

I went to see my family doctor, and he prescribed me some antidepressants.

That same day, I had a meeting with a client of mine – Kris Simpson, a fitness guy who was also a good friend. He saw my face, and before we even got into our meeting, he said…

“Are you okay?”

I broke down and explained everything to him.

He asked to see the medication – I had just filled the prescription so I hadn’t taken any yet. He picked them up, threw them in the garbage can, and said, “Get off your ass and do something about it.”

Those 9 words seemed to trigger something inside of me.

It was my rebirth.

I wasn’t exactly happy, but somewhere deep inside I knew I could be.

I had hope.

I began to rebuild my life.

I re-started my business as a marketing consultant and allowed myself space to dream again. I created rituals and routines to help me get through my day and reconnect with the passions I had denied myself my whole life.

A year later I wrote my mom an email about a vision I had for a thing called Archangel, a school that blended angel investing and philanthropy.

It would be for entrepreneurs who wanted to make an impact; successful entrepreneurs would teach others how to be successful.

Since that day, Archangel has evolved into one of the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs who are on a mission to build our dreams, share our gifts & change the world.

Looking back, that email to my mom helped lay the foundation of what my current reality is.

Not because it held the outline for my vision, but because I took a concept from my mind and brought it into the physical world by writing it out.

But how do you do that?

How can you take a vision, a dream, or what feels like a crazy thought, and engineer it into reality?

In my newly released first solo episode on The Gifted Show, I spoke about how you can do just that and reverse engineer your dream life.



Watch his latest interview here about how he created a multi-million dollar business from scratch:

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