Jupiter / Neptune Conjunction Today

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Today is THE day!!! Pisces peeps PAY INTENTION!!

April is nothing but BIG energies all the way around. We have one of the biggest astrological events of 2022 happening today!! Even though I am not an astrologer my guides (and energy bodies) have been telling me about this date for a few weeks now.

This event has a large significance to our spiritual awakening, healing and the evolution of the energy and light coming into the planet. Today, Neptune and Jupiter will Conjunct in Pisces which is a once in 166 year event and will not occur again until year 2188.

The last time this event happened was in 1856. This is a once in a life time moment. Make sure to do something sacred today. You will be feeling this good juju right into the Libra Full Moon on April 16th. Good Friday which is also going to be huge. Throughout this week we have a supercharge of spiritual energy where we can create great magic in our lives. CREATIVITY and MAGIC are the 2 big words coming in for this week. It is a great time to focus your attention on your creative projects, dreams, manifestations, and spiritual awakening. Bring creativity into your relationships, career, dreams, and life and if you do this you are sure to see magic. Throughout this week we may see waves of heightened emotions but also waves of creation too!

Join me tonight Golden Dragon Abundance Activation and on Thursday for Pink Full Moon Meditation With Jennifer Clark (which I’ll be hosting early due to the Easter long weekend).THIS is a VERY powerful week to dream big, meditate, visualize, take action and be INspired!

Dreams do come true!

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