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So what’s up with all of this chatter about April 12th? In astrology, Jupiter and Neptune have not “met” each other in Pisces since 1856 and won’t again meet in Pisces until 2188.

This is considered a BIG reunion – so big that people are calling it “the second coming of Christ” (Christ consciousness) or The Christos Alignment which is being touted as the cosmic alignment to change everything. Heads up Pisces peeps, this is especially true for you!

This astrological combo is incredibly strong, positive and magical. They will bring out a lot of mystical and transformative energy.

It is a GREAT time to manifest our innermost dreams and passions. In fact, some astrologers are saying it will be THE best day of y(our) ENTIRE lifetime for manifesting your dreams.

So, Great Spirit asked me to hold space again for my community on Tues Apr 12th when Jupiter meets Neptune in their home of Pisces for a special ancient wisdom ceremony Golden Dragon Abundance Activation. It’s only $22.22 CDN via Zoom so it is a low risk high return energy experience. We’re going to tap into this cosmic reunion and amplify our goals, dreams and desires.

Check it out if your Spirit nudges to you to experience, explore and evolve with me!

Experience. Explore. Evolve.


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