Mermaid Magic


Working with the Ancient Atlantean energies in my 8 week Awakening Atlantis With Jennifer Clark program has re-ignited my love of the water. 


under the water I am weightless

I gracefully embrace the siren of my soul


As the inergies of April contINue to flow in and out, out and in, people are being INvited to get outside INto nature especially near bodies of water where possible.
Memories tied to experiences with water are sure to evoke emotion. Similarly, just spending time in the ocean or sitting on the beach we can easily find ourselves feeling inspired, rejuvenated, empowered, relaxed or we might find ourselves having an important ah ha moment.
I told one student last night in Kapuskasing where it’s snowing to lie in the snow to detox.
Sea salt/Himalayan salt baths are great ways of mimicking the ocean if you physically can’t get there quite just yet.
Whenever I am in deep dark sorrow,

Due to death, war, loss or grief,

I remember that I’m but a drop of rainwater,

Returning to the sea.


Astrologer Kaypacha writes: 

Saturn squaring the Moon’s nodes this month indicates that it is time to let go of old security structures, relationships, and once supportive and viable pursuits and assets to move on to a new, evolutionary stage. This is true regardless of the sign position, however, with the south node in Scorpio, the sign of emotional desire and attachment, it becomes more complex and intense. Scorpio rules all forms of loss, betrayal, and abandonment, including death, taxes, bankruptcy, divorce, etc. When the ego clings to people, places, positions, and things that no longer serve a soul purpose, the last resort of the unconscious soul is to straight out remove them. This is often painful.

While the Moon’s nodes are in Taurus/Scorpio until July of 2023, this Saturn square, which remains within a five-degree orb until November, is the most challenging. In some ways, I believe it is a preparation for Saturn going into Pisces next year. So much of our “old world” is leaving it can feel like there is little left to hold onto or believe in. 
But the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on April 12th calls us forward, upward, and onward toward experiencing ourselves in ever-deepening and expanded ways as true Spirit Beings. Let’s all meet there!   
Join me Tuesday, April 12th for Golden Dragon Abundance Activation tapping into the power of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. 



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