No Body’s Perfect

One of the greatest myths in our human society is the strive for perfection.

…To put your best foot forward

…To try to fit in in order to please people or do things to make other people happy

….To try to go along with the crowd

To deny the uniqueness that is you is to deny The Creator that made you. What has it cost you to constantly please others at your own expense? What has it cost you to do something you don’t want to do but you do it to follow the crowd or to make someone else happy?

As we approach the powerful Christos Alignment (Jupiter/Neptune conjunction) on Tues Apr 12th, your Spirit is going to be pushing you to reflect on how you hide your quirks, mask your weirdness, silence your unique outlook and deny your true hearts desires.

There’s a “new sheriff” in town as of April 12th and S(H)e’s taking down names;0) lol.

Join me online Tues Apr 12th for Golden Dragon Abundance Activation.

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