Kissed By Fire – Happy New Moon!

A G3 solar storm poured its fiery energies upon us this week. The solar storm ignited our Northern Lights to create quite the sky show across Canada the past few days.

Here is a glorious picture of Saskatchewan.

No coincidence, today is also the first moon of the astrological calendar. It’s a new moon in fiery Aries. Being “kissed by fire” is the theme of the next few days. You’ll either ignite and explode with joy or you’ll get burned creating heaven or hell with the power of your thoughts and emotions.

Everyone has the sign of Aries in their astrological chart somewhere which means everyone has a place within them that is seeking TO BE…

To be born anew.

To be respected and appreciated.

To be seen.

To be heard and understood.

To be held.

To be loved.

So let’s BE more intentional and aware this weekend. Keep up lifted and focused on what you want not what you don’t want. Take a break from legacy media. Spend time in nature. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Play. Create something beautiful. Break the spell of the doom and gloom scenarios.

Join me online tonight at 7:30pm ET for my New Moon Meditation.

Photo Credit: @tracyportraits / Tracy Kerestesh – Northern Lights over Saskatchewan

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