I have a deep affinity for horses. And, luckily, they have for me.

I’ve had the honor of doing Integrated Energy Therapy on horses off and on for the past 15 years and have had some incredible divine interactions with them.

I interviewed Wyatt Webb, author of “It’s Not About The Horse” many moons ago on my radio show. He conducts his horse therapy out of Miraval Spa and has helped many (hu)mans with emotional break throughs working with horses.

Horses are super psychic and are revered as holy animals by many Earth cultures. Many say, modern day horses are the unicorns cousins.

The horse medicine totem brings it’s owner healing and cleanses his body, mind, and spirit. It helps in leaving negative thoughts in the past and having a much brighter vision of the present and future. The horse wisdom aids you in connecting with your soul, intuition, and psychic senses.

The energies have been very very intense the last few days and are only going to get more amped up as we approach the big Apr 12th Jupiter Neptune conjunction.

I’m back online supporting you with two energy experiences:

Fri Apr 1st New Moon In Aries Meditation 7:30pm ET $22.22 CDN

Tues Apr 12th Golden Dragon Abundance Meditation 7:30pm ET $22.22 CDN

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