Building A New Earth: Awakening Atlantis

New re-evaluations are happening in different sectors around the world. These eye opening revelations will continue to flow in between now and April 12th. For many, this INformation will make people change; change their mind, their heart, and their consciousness.

For people who will have a 180 shift, they will need support and assistance understanding and managing their shock and disbelief. Spirit asked me to help interested people to energetically prepare to be of service, to offer others healing, support and gentleness . In order to help others, we first have to clear & balance ourselves. Given the karnic themes of the past 2 years, I was asked to re-member to them the lessons & teachings of Ancient Atlantis, a time long long ago on Earth that now has faded into legend. But every legend has truth & history to it.

Atlantis was a civilization that came into being 100,000 years ago and ended about 10,000 years ago. A place where angels walked on Earth. A place where unicorns and dragons helped humanity evolve. A place where gods and goddesses taught their wisdom teachings in the temples of light. A place where every-body was heart-centered, awakened and had super-powers. It was Utopia for tens of thousands of years. But, then Technological Giants took over which infected all parts of Atlantean society. Then, the heart-centered society became ego-driven, became greedy and judgmental. A global war ensued that “sank” Atlantis and scattered it across the globe.

We are once again living these times. The negative divisive Atlantean energies are bubbling up across the globe to be seen, heard, healed and finally transmuted back into love.

I will hosting a powerful 8 week exploration starting this Wednesday Awakening Atlantis With Jennifer Clark that will help you inergetically prepare for the times to come.

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