Raising Conscious Children

Soul Explorers!🤙

Full moon in Virgo on tap this Friday and the start of March break in Ontario for many.

As a Psychological Health & Safety Advisor and Girls Talk Facilitator, little humans are feeling the BIG feels just like the adults. The massive transformation humanity is facing right now is also impacting our children. Children pick up on the emotions of their parents and are like little sponges. They need time to decompress, destress and unwind just like we do.

This is a great idea for the heart-centred sensitive children who FEEL everything. As a collective, we have the power to change what is happening in the outer world. Teach them about butterfly medicine and the butterfly effect.

Big kids need to get off technology, breathe the fresh air without a mask on and get outside. Encourage them to run, play and hug a tree.

If you need need help being a more conscious parent, hit me up for a consult and we can talk about soulful solutions for you and your child.

If you need some extra TLC, join me on Friday for a combo Full Moon Spring Equinox Ceremony With Jennifer Clark.

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