It is with a very sad and heavy heart I share the news that my favorite Starseed Warrior Larry Bravar passed away from stage 4 lung cancer recently while living in Cuba.Thankfully, he was with a loving girlfriend Anisley who was there to hold his hand as he transitioned back to Source. It has come as a complete and total shock to me. I have lost a true warrior friend. To everyone who knew him and attended some of my epic sacred fires at Cosmic Storage on Barnsdale Road in Manotick, please light a candle for him.

Many great homes in Manotick were built by Larry and his family.

He is now a true Galactic Warrior Of Light. I will be hosting a sacred fire ceremony for Larry in the spring when the snow melts honoring his Light in our world.

We travelled together. We explored together. We climbed mountains, explored caves, and climbed trees together. We wrote books together. We met the dragon in IAO Valley together. We swam with the humpback whale together. He and I co-hosted my epic sacred fire ceremonies together. Larry was part of my Love & Light Army. He had my front and my back. I will miss you my friend.

Friends, it is time to love one another. It is time to live fiercely and live fully.


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