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Happy New Moon In Pisces!

This particular new moon is extra special because it’s connecting with Jupiter, the Planet of Luck and the traditional planetary ruler of Pisces. Because of this, we can expect this lunation to be pretty emotionally fulfilling. The moon in conjunction with Jupiter brings a deeper energy to commit to home life and to nurture yourself as well as others through food, TLC, and lots of kindness. Jupiter’s influence may also have us going deep — like, really deep, since the planet is connected with our search for meaning.

So you might find yourself looking for that meaning, and re-evaluating various spheres of your life such as career, relationship, and family connections.

Today’s new moon is INviting us to contemplate on the bigger questions in life rather than on day-to-day tasks.

Like many of us, if you’ve been feeling the energy of our collective 2022 existential crisis, this new moon will be able to put you back on your feet — at least, for a little.

Check out this great guided meditation from my friend and colleague Judy Satori about how to access your own spirit guides and angels:

Need some extra support? Join me online tonight at 7:30pm ET for New Moon Meditation With Jennifer Clark

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