Peace In Pluto Return

Let peace begin with me.

As the tragic news of Russia invading Ukraine today at 5:00am hit the news, people in Ottawa have already been praying for peace.

We are certainly living re-evolutionary times and the astrology has been predicting this for quite some time now. 

Astrology has been around for a very long time. This ancient technique has been used to predict the rise and fall of empires and royalty, as well as shed light on the evolution of humanity.

As the planets dance within the sky, they mirror what happens here on Earth. That is what makes astrology a predictive tool — as well as one that can strategically be used to one’s advantage. For centuries, kings, queens, presidents, popes and normal people alike have consulted this ancient wisdom to ensure their greatest likelihood of success.

Every planet has its own orbit around the sun. Some planets move much more quickly — like Mercury or Venus. Mars, for instance, circles the sun in about two years. The outer planets — the ones much farther away — take a significantly longer time to circle the sun. Jupiter, for instance, takes about 12 years, with Saturn taking just under three decades. Pluto, however, takes 248 years to complete one full cycle around the sun.

planetary return is when a celestial body revisits the same exact place in the sky. Birth charts are a snapshot of the sky at the moment of inception of a person, union, nation, agreement, company or beyond. Thus, when a specific planet reunites with the exact same degree and zodiac sign it had been in a birth chart, we call this its exact return.

For the faster-moving planets like Mercury, Venus or Mars, we would notice this energy very quickly, perhaps even just over a couple of days. Yet, for the much longer-orbiting planets like Pluto, the effects can be felt for many years prior to the return and linger for years after, as well.

Named after the Roman God of the underworld (also known as Hades in Greek mythology), Pluto is a planet of intensity, destruction, transformation and rebirth. In a sense, Pluto is like a phoenix — burning down what does not work in order to rise again.

Plutonian energy brings forth dramatic and painful experiences in order to shed light on truth and bring us incredibly profound growth. On one hand, Pluto can provide tremendous opportunities for renewal, new beginnings and spiritual and financial growth. However, the negative aspects of this mighty planet often lead to obsession, victimization, domination, power struggles, tyrannical control, war and death.

No human on Earth has ever experienced a Pluto return because our life spans are much shorter than the 248-year cycle of this mighty planet. However, empires and nations have experienced them — and many have seen multiple Pluto returns. While turmoil, scandals and times of upheaval often occur during a Pluto return, they often provide a very important turning point for the nation or empire to assess everything that it has created in the previous cycle while burning down what isn’t working to prepare for a whole new era.

Pluto returned on 2/22/2022 a very auspicious day that opened up a cosmic portal of light. When light hits dark, turmoil can ensue. I hosted a powerful activation that day. If you want to purchase a copy of the replay, just send me $22.22 CDN and I will send you the link. It can support you in navigating these turbulent times.

Please light a candle according to your own beliefs for peace within and peace without. 

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