Turn It Off In Order To Turn It On

Heads UP hive – this will be a month of BIG FEELS….

This is the first time in eons that Earth has been immersed in such an abundance of light, and this increased intensity is magnifying all feelings, both positive and negative, and quickening the pace of every thing. This IN-tense INergies are waking people UP and INspire (in spirato) people to take action to transform their world. There are two kinds of ascension, planetary and personal, which are underway and so is world transformation. Peace outside begins with peace inside. It is super important not to allow yourSelf to get consumed by fear. Take a deep breath and realize this too shall pass. Get outside in nature. Dance. Sing. Laugh. Hug someone you love. Do something creative. Build something cool. Make your world more beautiful. This breaks the “spell”.

Join me and mine for Full Moon Meditation With Jennifer Clark

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