Time To Suit Up!

πŸ€™Soul Explorers!πŸ€™


Time to suit UP! We are stepping into a powerful point of potential which will electrify the evolutionary energies bringing the drive and determination we need as a society now.


Whatever stagnation and inertia we have been feeling will rapidly dissipate giving us the opportunity to actively free ourselves from the past. It’s NOW time to step UP and step to IT.


There will be four activations of this portal this month. Take note of these dates. The first one was yesterday on 2/2/22. The second will be on the 11/2/22, the third on the 20/2/22 and the fourth, the 22/2/22. Each activation will impact a different energetic body and create an expanding energy within you that will burn through your entire energetic system. This expanding energy will work to transmute and dissolve the distortions, illusions, and debris of your past.


This cosmic portal is flooding our emotional body accelerating the awakening and healing of the heart.


Expect profound realizations and holy shi(f)t moments to occur as deep-seated emotions rise to the surface for healing and release. Shocking realizations are on tap for many. Need some help processing? Hit me up. I can help. This is my speciality. Book a Healing Session with me.


Work with this energy by radically accepting what has been and what is. Anxiety is fear about the future. Depression is sadness about the past.


This month’s powerful INergies are INviting you to release the pain of the past. Since the Dec Solstice 2021, timelines have collapsed and changed. The past is literally behind you. New possibilities have been birthed. New paths have opened UP. New opportunities to find your way back to Self, to Love, to Peace, to Harmony are being offered. Say yes. Step forward with faith not fear.


Observe what is occurring and without judgment let go of any attachments you have to your pain. Remember you are a powerful sovereign BEing capable of incredible evolution. You have the power INside of you.


Recognize that this is the first step needed to create profound change in your inner and outer world.


Join us Tuesday Feb 22nd – 2/22/2022 – for the final activation Tune Up Twosday With Jennifer Clark.

Tune Up Twosday Activation With Jennifer Clark

Tuesday, Feb 22nd, 2022

7:30pm to 8:45pm ET

$22.22 CDN via Zoom / PayPal

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