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Happy New Moon in Aquarius and the Year of The Tiger!

New moon in Aquarius peaks today Monday, January 31st at 12:38pm ET. The next day it is joined by the power of the Water Tiger. 

In the Chinese horoscope, the five elements go through a cycle for two years each, and so we enter the first year of Water energies, this time Yang (masculine), in the year of the Tiger. Yang-Water is connected to flowing water, rivers, or clouds, and symbolizes the vital essence, spiritual communication, maturity, and deep emotions. The water element brings out our sense of observation and intelligence, our kindness, our sensitivity, our inner creativity, and our passion. Water is a powerful force indeed, just like the Tiger, but in a more subtle way as it can go around any obstacle in its path and not loose its way. Water energy encourages us to be open to change and go with the flow, and helps us react to situations or events more thoughtfully. Water element also brings with it lessons in patience, and calms the sometimes brash energy of the Tiger.

The Year of the Water Tiger will be a dynamic year of unforeseen changes and unpredictability, surprising developments, but also of abundance and prosperity for those who quickly take bold action and are willing to take risks. The year can bring unexpected good news and turn crazy dreams into glorious reality, and is about growth, development, challenge, and creation. This is a great year to start a business or a new career goal. We may also see an emergence of new technology and advances in medicine.

As an added bonus to the INergies of the new moon in Aquarius and the Water Tiger is the sweet INfluence of the planet Venus going direct. Venus is about love, money and relationships. We are ending long karmic cycles. This is y(our) re-birth and the removal of blockages in 2022! Huzzah!

Join me and mine tonight at 7:30pm ET as I return back from hiatus to host my New Moon Meditation. 

New Moon Meditation With Jennifer Clark
Monday, January 31st, 2022
7:30pm ET to 8:845pm ET
$22.22 CDN via Zoom / PayPal

Yours in Spirit, 
Jennifer 💋

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