That Time I Met Magnum P.I.

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That time we met Tom Selleck filming Magnum P.I. on the North Shore of Oahu.

That time my sister & I nearly died on the North Shore of Oahu 🌊🏄🏽‍♀️🚫😱

So as the winds of change HOWL outside, they are bringing back UP the past to clear space for the future. It’s been a hard few weeks helping my Mom purge and pack up her last 22 years. So many memories.

This pic was taken Christmas 1980. My Dad surprised us with a trip to Oahu for a month. I was 12 years old and my sister was 10. It was when we all first fell in love with Hawaii.

My parents had rented a car and we were touring around the island of Oahu. We stumbled upon a tv set filming an episode of Magnum P.I. Tom Selleck was all the rage back then so we stopped to have a looksee.
Well it was super hot standing on that volcanic cliff so my sister and I got bored very quickly. She and I scooted off to the adjacent beach beside this cliff. What we didn’t know was this was The North Shore. For those of you who don’t know, The North Shore is one of the world’s best surfing spots because it has some of the biggest waves and hosts some of the prestigious professional surfing contests. You can’t swim there without flippers and a boogie board because it is so dangerous. Even with them, you shouldn’t go in if you don’t know how to navigate rip tides and big waves.

So here goes into the water two Canuck kids unsupervised without flippers or boards and no clue as to the dangerous waters they were frolicking in.

After a few minutes, I knew we were in trouble. The waves were HUGE and we couldn’t get back into shore because they kept pounding us over and over. Back then we were both light as feather and kept being pulled further and further into the ocean.

I remember yelling at my sister who was only 10 at the time to try to float and ride the waves and dive under them instead of on top. This bought us some time. All of sudden out of nowhere I hear a local surfer yelling at us. I couldnt hear what he was saying but saw that he was paddling hard to get to us. I remember him pulling up the straps of my one piece swimsuit hauling me up onto his surf board like I was the catch of the day. He was swearing, angry and scared. Thankfully, he got us both on his board and paddled us back into shore while the waves crashed down upon all three of us.

We were all exhausted and in shock. This heroic (hu)man got us to the beach and yelled at us to find our parents and never to go back into those waters again.

We scurried away to find our parents who were still perched up on the Magnum P.I set without even saying mahalo to that surfer angel. He most definitely saved our lives that day. Neither my sister nor I ever told that story to anyone until a few years ago. My parents never knew.

The moral of the story? Do not go swimming in Hawaii unless you know the water conditions lol. And, there’s always an angel looking out for you.

As the winds continue to stir shi(f)t UP here in our community, the past may be coming back to haunt you lol. It’s time to make peace with the past and make things right if you can. And, you can. You can still say sorry to people that have left your life by saying the Ho’oponopono mantra of reconciliation even if they are passed on. Miracles have been reported after saying this mantra:

Join me and mine on Monday for my annual Winter Solstice Ceremony With Jennifer Clark shifting the past making room for the future.


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