Unleash that shi(f)t! – Become A Warrior Of Light

Soul Explorers~

We’ve been born for these times. We all go through times when it feels like the ground is being pulled out from under us. What we relied on as steady and solid may change or even appear to vanish. In this era of global disruption, threats to our individual, social, and planetary safety abound, and at times life can feel overwhelming. Not only are loss and separation painful, but even positive changes can cause great stress. Yet remember life is full of change: birth, death, marriage, divorce; a new relationship; losing or starting a job; beginning a new phase in life or ending one. Change is stressful, even when it is much desired or anticipated—the unknown can feel scary and threatening.

Warriors do what needs to be done despite the fear and anxiety.

Unleash your spiritual badass. The world needs you now more than ever.

Join us for a 5 day INtensive week on becoming a Warrior of Light and become certified in Integrated Energy Therapy.

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